Bots running around

Is Amazon doing ANYTHING to stop the bots from bullying the game and making the game a mockery rather than being a good game as it is…I have reported like 50 of them minimum in the past 24 hours and there’s just more and more and more of them just piling up from day to day… they are running through walls, flower pots, jumping off mountains running damn faster than the horse… There’s like thousands of these bots and seems like their numbers are just increasing from day to day.

Its just sad and not enjoyable…

lets say bots are from amazon, is it a good profit for them ? lets think about it

I did see a considerable drop after the “1 million” ban. The trusted status didn’t seem to have much impact. Well none that I noticed. But now I’m starting to see an increase in bots again.

Bot wars & AGS are not winning.

It had an impact for sure, still has a in chats. The spamming for me at least is way less. Plus as u can see the market prices decreased a lot since the bots are gone since there is less gold being pumped in the economy.

Game will never get rid of all bots since it’s f2p