Bots - Russian Model

Why dont we just adapt the model russia uses for botting and RMT??

i hear from some dude who playing in RU: basically they got none against bots there. the bots just left themselves when there r not many profits for them any more.

some other dude playing in JP says the same happened in JP servers. I guess ASG wanna do the same in NA servers. at least it looks like what they doing at the moment.

No RMT’s = no bots, as simple as seems. The problem here is that SM take measures to prevents boting when, in my opinion, if you delete all the RMT’s from the server the bots disapear in 2 or 3 weeks…
Ban RMT palyers is as easy as go to the AH and ban every purchase for more than 30k from T1 and T2 or detect one bot and follow the gold where are used to… dont need complex enginering to make a super script to detect boting or a complex and intrusive anticheat, just want to do it