Bots still rampant?

Took a few months off due to there being a million of them, came back after seeing there were multiple ban waves - player base down to like 150k~ players, assumed they were taken care of.

NOPE! did a chaos gate 29/30 are bots all with the names ‘aowidjawoidj’.
Every rapport NPC I’ve seen has the same - endless amounts of ‘awuidhawuih’ people farming them.
How on earth… after all this time… have you still not been able to stop them?

Give us your solution.

You have a F2P game with no barrier to entry and the game itself might as well have been designed around being able to bot the content. You, right now, could make 50 steam accounts and run your own bot farm, nothing is stopping you and the only cost is the hardware.

I’ve seen many potential solutions in these forums since i started to play.
-Cost up front for the game, even if small - would add up if they keep on getting banned.
-Captchas (think i read somewhere they already have them implemented?)
I’ve yet to see one myself, and if they are in the game, clearly not random enough/as many as are needed.
-Actual staff employed to sit and ban in real time, rather than an automated system.
The annoyance would slowly overcome the want to bot and cut it down that way.
-Doing what they do over in Korea and linking ones personal ID/phone #'s to account.

I’m no IT expert nor do i have millions of $ to waste, but Amazon+Smilegate sure do.
There HAS to be a way.

Never really works

There is one but not working properly

No in game moderation tools built in the game, so whats the use of someone monitoring if they cant ban on the spot. Why not develop one in the first place? They wont bother since they have a good system to deter bots which na/eu cant wrap their heads to because “mah privacy”

Na/eu likes the illusion of privacy


the harsh truth is lost ark was designed with korean account system in mind so they never needed to build anything.

but sadly our side will never accept the type of account system because really believe they have privacy so sadly they have to think of things to combat bots and ask SG to build it into lost ark.

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You also have to consider that just sending AGS/SG your ID doesn’t mean you are verified as that person.

They would have to setup a system to actually prove that the ID you submit is actually who you are, which would be a huge overhead to deal with. Otherwise you’d have the same problem with the addition of a whole lot of fake IDs.

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the reason their way of making online accounts is that way is because you dont have anonymity overthere.

cyber bulling , hacking , cheating everything is a what you would call a federal crime and they take stuff like this more serious.

in NA people try and make it seem like its OK to cyber bully ppl and say “well just get off duhhh” that does not fly in korea

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Pretty much. The whole of KR’s system in general revolving around one’s ID is something that will certainly never happen in the west.

Heck even the convenience of ordering food online there you need to have a phone number, and how do you get a phone number, you need to be a resident and have an id

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I mean this is true for sure. “I won’t give my info to AGS”. Your Amazon prime order will be delivered to your front door tomorrow.


banks , ISP and cell phones are always getting data breaches aswell as other companies as well but nobody bats an eye.

But god forbid we try and improve one aspect of online accountability “ITS MY RIGHTTTTT”


There is a solution. Amazon just doesn’t want to pay to do it

TLDR = South Korea university published a peer reviewed paper indicating a better than 96% detection rate of bot accounts in MMORPGs with no false positives


Twitch EUC beatrice @ T3 …

It’s a comically garbage paper. The meat is less than 1 page, half of their amazing strategy is to bin players by APM, and, shocker, the bots that weren’t being banned for a high APM chose a high APM. The second half has a couple paragraphs that avoid going into any detail about anything at all.

It’s a homework assignment, not a research paper.

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Uh huh. It’s a homework assignment. It’s also from 2008 so none of this mattered. If you’ve not done postgrad you might not be familiar with citation farming, but if you look at the primary author’s papers you can get a sense for what that means.

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the guy you’re speaking to has 150 iq
he is arguably one of the smartest people in the forums, I would read his posts and learn from him alot if i were you

They already gave up on this game a long time ago lmfao. Why are people still surprised.

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