Bots - The unsolvable problem

Since launch, bots have plagued all corners of Lost Ark.
I am surprised I don’t see them in my stronghold at this point.

Hundreds of posts have been made by this community regarding this issue.
Every post has been left unread or responded to with “we are working on it”.
It has been 10 months since launch and the bot issue has not only gotten worse, but has ruined more critical functions of the game.

The auction house is completely broken. It takes 20 - 30 tries to search a simple item.
“Too many adventurers are using the auction house at the moment” error message.
This is due to thousands of bots running scripts to snipe low costing materials to resell for gold.

Trying to do any honor shard daily quest leaves a bad taste in your mouth seeing hundreds of mokoko sorcs steal all the mobs and quest objectives.

You have completely gutted all gold sources of the game outside of legion raids.
Made everything engraving book bound to character.

No new player would ever walk past a train of bots all the way to level 50. The game is dying. On the most anticipated patch we had 80k concurrent players.
New World had 90k.
And a few days later we are back at 220k concurrent players, all the bots are back.

@Roxx Can you please just tell the community if you are, the AGS Team, and most importantly the SG team, are not capable of fixing this issue so players like myself can quit and move on to something with a more competent developer?

Forcing the community to wait 10 months hoping something will be done is not fair if you truly cant solve the problem.

It is OKAY if you are not capable of solving the problem, I get it, the people that code the scripts are more talented and probably make more than those at SG. Just be honest with your community so we can all stop wasting our time on this game.


AGS will say0

It’s not unsolvable. They could’ve just used the ID system that was in place to choke out almost all of the bots on the market to a point where nobody would’ve cared for the handfuls left

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Just AGS don’t care and we couldn’t do anything, all players knows about it

Easier said than done. With the number of new accounts being created, eliminating bots has to be done through AI recognition; and even then, people who run the bots will improve them to evade detection. Ideas such as using phone numbers, IDs, etc, are not viable (buying fake IDs, verification issues, getting a phone number, legal issues, public sentiment). The only way is to create a game that’s less dependable on bot-table resources. For f2p, they create a time-gate for profit, which is addressable through botting.

For example, ff14 has bots that sell gil, but there’s no real need/demand for that much gil (easily self-obtainable). FF14 depends on subscription model and in-game shop. Lost ark is f2p and depends on purchasing pheons, gold, and upgrade mats (all farmable). Making all of it account bound is also not possible, since you want people to be able to spend to get ahead of others who don’t spend (e.g. 100 quality accessories, lvl10 gems, and things less unobtainable by the typical f2p player need to be tradable). Most games have bot issues, and I think it’s more prevalent with the f2p genre, so the companies deal with the cards they are dealt.

true but can you provide the solution to the situation? not liek this is the first thread been posted. all of these thread are just complaints without solutions, bored of seeing this

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Or they could, you know, deal with the actual root of the problem, RMTers. They are the reasons bot farms exist because they create a demand for them. It’s quite mind boggling when a quick look through AH sale history can easily flag potential RMTers and it shouldn’t be hard to track trading history, and yet gold sellers are still running rampant.

Considering SG and AGS are actually losing money for as long as RMT gold remains, you would think they would try a lot harder to tackle the issue.

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It’s already been discussed. Although late (I’m assuming since they initially viewed RMTers as potential customers, but the issue went out of proportion), they have banned RMTers with severe punishments, and there were some expected to be false positives. Flags work to an extent, but there’s always a workaround (this is why they’re still in business). It’s a tug-of-war situation. Gold selling forums have recommended sellers who avoid these flags.

But I can tell you with almost absolute certainty, no game developer is able to fix this bot issue, unless they make a MAJOR revamp of the game economy and system (honing and tradable mats, rng/gambling/pity feature) and business model. I would suggest moving on to a different game since it doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea. But for a portion of the population, bots and a ruined economy wouldn’t be the sole reason to stop playing this game.

The ratio of robots to real players is 3:1. Do you think this is what you want to see? No one has ever said that momo’s bots can be completely eliminated, but I don’t think I’m convinced by the fact that ags, by condoning the proliferation of bots and doing nothing, keeps deceiving the player that they’re trying.

It’s not ags it’s steam

They tried trusted accounts, different auto-flags to ID bots (moving across barriers, pathway variability, idleness), removal of gold sources. I’ve seen bots from the beginning of lost ark to now, and they move differently. They also shouldn’t disclose their flagging measures (there’s alot of gold sellers running diff scripts). Some bots move erratically, and some randomly type out stuff every now and then. In the past, they were running in a straight line pass obstacles to their target destination efficiently, while others were using teleporting and moving channels constantly.

My personal opinion is that developers in general are helpless against bots or cheaters. The remedies the developer implemented are soon circumvented again. I have seen this with so many online games. Also there seems to be no remedy at all against hardware based cheats. Since the cheating software runs on a different piece of hardware and seemingly can’t be detected by anticheat measures. My take is that as soon as I play an online game I will have to deal with other players that cheat. Am I going to stopp playing online games? Certainly not. Will I spend a fortune on a game full of cheaters? Not at all.

As long as game runs on the Steam bots will be problem. RU an KR has game client which can do the trick. Also EAC i don’t have words for EAC.

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Why do you think players have to provide AGS a solution for anything, btw?
We are not getting paid for this, in fact we are paying them to keep this game alive, this is not charity. They better do their homework.

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RU LOA don’t have such problem. I know some RMT sellers from RU who was banned and I know some sellers who RMTed in EU and nobody of them was banned(they are in wow rn). There is no problem with bots in RU and client more stable. But let’s delete gold from rapport, welcome chalange and prob from una tasks. EAC is a joke. Steam launcher is a joke. AGS is a joke. Look at NW to understand how incompitent AGS.

funyn enough , new world is actualyl gaining players, meanwhile we are gaining more and more bots lol

most of these are bots too in new world. you can check their forums and see reports and screenshots of fishing bots for example.

im playing both, there is also bots in NW true as for many mmo rpgs but this is definitely not comparable to LOA wich is infested.
Having bots till a certain acceptability threshold is “fine”, but LOA… its on an other level

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