Bots - Unspoken Solution

So, the solution no one wants to talk about: box price to game.

Yes, it’s a free to play game and the best way to tell that is by the number of bots. What should happen is a solution that adds a box price to play. It could be $5, $10, even just $1 would make the bot problem way more manageable. Accounts can be free for paid Amazon Prime members and anyone who already has an account. If an account is botting, multiboxing, or cheating in anyway, ban the Amazon account from the game.

This is a simple solution which only affects botters and people who start fresh accounts. This means that every bot banned becomes not trivial because they need to pay to start back up. That’s all it takes!

Yes, I know people bot in paid games, but the problem tends to be way less noticable. I’ve seen bots in FFXIV but after a spike, the response is a pretty effective given the restrictions on the Free accounts. So while a lot of people don’t want to discuss it, paid accounts is the best option to stemmy this influx of bots.

Wont work logically sound tho

not really. Bots are making actually a lot of value. They would could pay the price. While as you can read all around many players would not. Even $10 for a slot is an existencial problem.

square enix always annoucement every week they are banning bot… ags always silent about the bot LOL, the solution for me was easy it might not erease them all but maybe reduce a bot by a lot, just make t3 chaos dungeon vendor exchange bond and done. @Roxx @Azanaa

One of the benefits of a game being free2play is that it releases the developer and publisher of a lot of obligations regarding consumer protections.

Putting a box price on a game gives it a tangible, real world value and makes your rights as a consumer very clear.

Without a box price and your participation subject to terms of service they can essentially do anything they want, including asserting that everything you purchase and earn in game has no real world value.

For example section 2.6 of Amazon’s TOS (important bits in bold):

In-Game Items.** When playing the Games, you may unlock, purchase, or otherwise gain access to various items within the Game (e.g., fictional currency, fictional property, characters, alternate skins, weapons, equipment, boosts, status indicators, etc.) (collectively, “In-Game Items”). In-Game Items are attributes of gameplay that have meaning only in the virtual and fictional world of the Game; they have no monetary value, are not real-world currency, and cannot be resold or redeemed for cash. You agree that you have no ownership or property interest in any of the In-Game Items that we attribute to your account, or to any Game Content we authorize you to access, regardless of any effort, real-world money or other consideration you may have exchanged for access to an In-Game Item or Game Content.** While we provide you the ability to access and use In-Game Items and Game Content, we retain all rights in and to all In-Game Items and Game Content. Accordingly, we may remove or alter an In-Game Item or Game Content attributed to your account or accessible to you at any time without notice or liability, arising in contract, tort, or otherwise. We are not responsible for loss or theft of In-Game Items. We may enable you to trade certain In-Game Items for other In-Game Items as part of gameplay. Otherwise, you may not sell, transfer, or offer In-Game Items in exchange for real-world currencies or consideration, whether inside or outside of the Games.**