Bots vs Economy

Have fun paying 600k gold for your zerker class engraving guys. Alternatively, at bot prices, get your $600 out. At in-game prices, expect to be paying a whole lot more than that. The gold inflation is insane by the sheer thousands of bots teleporting around. Critical issue. If anything just hire manual moderation for the short-term to deal with this. It’s getting ridiculous.


??? do you know how markets work?

Supply and demand…There are more people at T3 than the supply of books currently. There are very few options to get those books right now so the supply is low…making the price high

I’m fully aware of how supply and demand works.


Then you wouldnt be posting this nonsense lmfao

The richest F2P players are very much priced out of this market. This is a hyper whale-only market at this point. It shouldn’t be this way.


If Bots were to blame then they would flood the market with items and the price would be in free fall. You’d be complaining about the exact opposite.
I’ve seen people posting in the forums that they spent thousands of dollars / euros which is absolutly shocking. You can blame the possibilities that the in game Shop offers and try to convince Amazon to change their monetization scheme in Lost Ark (free to play).

The bots are to blame because of how much gold they generate from the in-game systems. The items that they get as an extra along the way are adventure book items, so those prices are completely tanked in the lower level areas meaning new players can’t even farm them for some gold. The problem in this case however is that their gold that comes from questing etc goes directly into the hands of RMTers who purchase at low prices. Players who then get lucky enough to get one of these books just overprice the shit out of everything because they know the whales will pay for it. If you think this is fine, then carry on.


bots are not even farming gold, they farm adventure book consumables and life skills to sell on the AH they are not generating gold they are using gold already in the game,

Tl;dr there is too much gold in the economy and it is being sold hella cheap to people who buy it in bulk.

there is no gold to farmed in t1 bro what are you talking about?

You realise there’s thousands of bots that just play through the story to the stronghold and take the quest reward gold right?


lol no there is not, zero bots in vern or any t2 place

Go and spend 15 minutes in Rethramis on a busy server. Tell me there’s no bots.


you mean the starting area where they is zero gold, a single T3 player will farm 100x more gold then 1000 bots ever can on any t1 content

oh ehm those legendary books will always and even without bots be that expensive… its super super super rare to get the right ones dropped for you anyways… so yeah very BAD example of bots in the market xD

i think some of them are even at 30k+ per book on korea atm

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I have seen the bot forums, right now they are generating 560 gold in 3h per account by leveling, then they delete the account and go again. This gold is coming from the system so millions of gold are being injected in the economy causing the value of goods to go up. The botters are probably also investing in low supply goods with how much gold they have to increase prices and have total control of that market.


These bots generate over 30,000 gold per day per person running them.


They’ll be expensive, but not 30k expensive after close to a month of release.

no not generating, getting from the AH

No. They’re generating it.