Bots: what would help finish them , Roxx


First of all, the initiative that they had instead of part of the rewards of the infinite chaos was excellent but I am missing a VERY IMPORTANT detail

  1. They have to bind the weapons and armor stones of the infinite chaos. (which is what T1 and T2 bots really care about)

  2. Perhaps it is more “complicated” to achieve, but it would be nice if in order to receive the rewards of the weekly tokens to buy the gold chests, it asks you for a key requirement: complete the abyss of the corresponding tier/iLevel.

PD: Thanks @Roxx and the rest of the team trying to deal with this issue. Good luck


They sell the guardian and destruction stone…

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Make Gold Roster Bound outside the AH.
Than check the AH and limit the max price of Items for T1 an T2, because they are almost worthless anyway.

The latest “Chaos Vendor Items are Char Bound” patch did nothing, because you can still Buy jewelry, which can be dismantled for tradeable Crafting mats.

Wbr, shnoopx


i guess the real solution was to limit the access they are use to sent gold… cuz on bot website say “auto sent gold to your main with ah”. maybe we can limit this one on i don’t want say “trusted status”… but something like that, that not punish real player. @Roxx

Agaton, 8 channels FULL BOTS

I come to the forums because why? bot queues (am in one rn kekw)

All I can say is I’ve tried my best to bump posts like these cause they need to consistently deal with it (which they have not besides those weekly maint giving us some quiet couple of days then its queues over and over.

I got silenced from making New Posts because I make posts bout queues and bots xD So end of day is, we can voice as much as we can but they really do not care at this point (no communication about a bot/queue plan in place or whatsoever).

It has been an ongoing problem since months ago (if you track my post history). I’ve been watching shows while waiting in a queue these days. :sleeping:

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Well, the solution, unfortunately what would it be? Going to a server with less population… makes no sense, what hurts is that they totally ignore us.

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