Bots will forever be with us

I think it’s time people accept this and move on. Every online game that has a profitable market will have bots. World of warcraft has bots. FFXIV has bots. Every MMO that released and will release will have bots and nothing can stop and prevent that because it’s just how it is. Don’t like it? Don’t play it.

Those games have monthly ban waves and they do a good job to mask the problem. This game, you visibility see the amount of bot swarming around and just give a nasty feeling. They need to do more ban waves.


Imagine new players. I would immediately quit right after reaching prideholme…

Because of bots games will only retain old players which keep on decreasing without any turnover.


Good one!

Pedophiles, child abusers, rapists, and all other forms of criminals will always be with us in the real world so I guess people should just shrug and not try and do anything about them or be upset about them and let them run wild. Anything that can’t be eradicated should simply not be something anyone ever cares about to making better. Brilliant!

To think there are those with that bad a case of Stockholm syndrome where they think it’s all good that a game can have the amount of bots this game has. It’s probably 30-50% of the daily player count figure. I am pretty sure nobody is taking on a “zero bot policy” here and realizes there will be some bots no matter what. The point is the bot issue is spiralling out of control and is surely turning away new players that have to deal with this on a daily basis and also making old timers like me in T3 embarrassed. Oh, and wait until the bots infestation hits Punika and South vern. Maybe the people that just shrug will start to care a bit more then.


So because bots are issue we should just live with them?

all servers lately busy do to massive botting. go to vern and you see 10 bots for 1 player in punika

The queue omg the queue… Bots is definitely a serious problem here.

They already said multiple times there working on a solution for bots stop being a troll

FFXIV doesn’t do a good job at masking the bot problem. Bots do a good job at masking the bot problem because of how broken the movement validation is in that game. Believe me, if bots could easily stay outside the map 24/7 in this game, they would. They don’t want to be seen.

As for ban waves, this game has had plenty of ban waves. It’s just that the scope of the bot problem is always going to be larger in a F2P game, especially in a popular F2P game. I do agree that they need to do better though, even if it isn’t as easy as it sounds on paper.

Criminals and bots are different to begin with. My point is not to ignore bots but to accept that the bots will always be here. It won’t ever go away. Since when did the world run out of criminals? Never. Because it’s part of the world and something that won’t go away. I’m not saying to live with it, I’m saying that it will never go away and it’s always going to be here no matter how hard you try. How long have there been bots in video games? If there was a permanent solution then there wouldn’t be bots anymore.


Maybe AGS/SG can create 4 or 5 bot servers per region so only bots populate them and leave the regular servers free for real players.

At same time AGS/SG can charge a bot subscription and make money from bots too.

The bot/materials gold can be traded via auction house per region.

P.S. - I know this idea can seem outrageous but I am trying to think out of the box in order to easen asap the bots negative impact on real players.

if they can regulate and detect them that well to do it … they would have kept the game clean for the start …
This can only work if amazon would provide the bbots themself and this makes no sense its way easier to jsut make weekend sales or sth

Are there bots in mobile games? I heard mobile games generate high revenue for the company quarterly.

There are bots in every game that is online. Everything program related can be automated these days. It’s also not hard to do.

another post made by a bot abuser for sure.

Guess who’s not banned because they’re not a “bot abuser” KEKW. I really don’t get why it’s so hard to accept the truth.