Bots/Gold Selling Advertisement Throughout All Levels Of Content

@Roxx Must be very difficult when people have been advertising gold selling in group finder for months now manually reported first person literally months ago with no action taken you can’t report people in party finder so had to do it through support can see its worthless to even report people with no actions being taken. As more and more bots bleed into T3 now from lack of action being taken. But its okay they more then likely have more then enough alternative accounts in T3 with how long you guys take to do anything so banning this person will just have someone else replace them at this point. What a joke. Reports have done nothing. No Action Taken. Nothing.

Hold up let me give you more ammo. You guys can’t even keep this out of end game content and you expect us to believe you have this in any way under control? They are blatantly advertising in all levels of content with no action taken ever.

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the worst part is all/world chat , impossible to ask anything thanks to bot spam…

In Game GM’s Should Have Been A Thing On Launch