Bots...problem that need to be fixed (una's token)

Please accept this crystal clear answer ive made countless times.

  1. the design of our LA version cant bring strong solutions against bots as long as they can make countless accounts, gold has a too much big impact on players’s gaming experience, there are too many different ways ways to make gold.

  2. when you cant fight efficiently someone that provide a service (and it is not your fault it is the design itself) you focus on fighting the customer so it turns to be so few people that it almost stops by itself.

Therefore if from the start any RMTers were instantly permabanned we wouldnt see our current situation. It is still not too late even if it means banning a huge chunk of the community in the long run AGS will make more money. In the short term less of course, but i dont know what the marketing part learned in school…

To conclude, care to explain me (and to anyone who knows real whales) why a bunch of them who RMT as hell without being careful at all were not banned while they spent 5000+ €/$ in the game. There is a strong feeling in my surrounding that anyone who spent more than that in the game can RMT without fearing the consequences.
It has to stop.



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Bots can easily defeat captchas.

Even Vampires dont fear for this anymore. >.<

hear u, but u wouldnt a casual player gets most gold from raids

UNAS give like 3K gold normally per week which is nothing in this game.
Yes every penny counts but you can manage w/o 3K gold per week.
Id prefer getting eqv in battle items, HP pots, Marvelous Leaps, oreha, honing books
What we spend gold on anyway, help casuals still noobs

Something that will not be a problem for new players will end the bots that are active for 24 hours in the game? You’re just being funny.

do the same as other games, if you can’t give a permanent ban, ban up to 2300, and another let’s remember that there is only gold because NA/EU LIVES BUYING GOLD FROM BOTS, in SA we don’t have this problem.

100% This! Una’s is the ONLY way I get gold, I don’t like Raids, I am not interested in Raiding
and anyone who wants to say it can keep your “This game isn’t for you” Jargon to yourself!
I have Social Anxiety, My hands shake uncontrollably, my heart races, and I feel like puking whenever I am forced into Group content! Group content is not for me.
YES I have played Most of the Big MMO’s solo, MMO’s can fit solo players too!
I just want to enjoy the Events, The collecting, The MSQ, the Side Questing, The decorating, and running my Stronghold It’s what I Enjoy, but I do need a way to get gold, and UNA’s is that way.

I am sure alot of hateful people will say “Don’t let the door hit you, on the way out” but If they take gold away from UNA’s I will have to be done with this game.

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The biggest lie that everyone believes in this game is that you can’t get rid of all the bots. Bullshit. Of course you can; they just don’t care. If a human can recognize a bot in 2 seconds, an automatic program can do it 10000 times faster, more accurate and more reliably. All you have to get rid off is a intelectual dishonesty that is pushed to the infinity in this game - “maybe I just got lucky and sold a level 1 gem for a million gold?”, “maybe I play by pressing one button every 10 seconds for 76 hours straight?”, “hey, but don’t you think that maybe I just like the name askjhfskjghfdkjg?”, “perhaps I prefer not to have a guild or title? How about it?”. Create a set of rules. If you fit 15 out of 20 you get an insta ban. A dog would be able to implement it. Just to name few rules:

  • no guild
  • no title
  • ridiculous engravings - 1 engraving level 1 at 1460
  • never done a legion raid or done 0 damage in the last few completed
  • sits in the lobby for a few hours straight
  • ridiculous name
  • accessing player logs to check what and how they used skills and if they did any dmg
  • running through terrain
  • accepting a quest from across the map
  • running at predefined path

Some could even mean an insta ban. Stop repeating AGS lies. It is not a rocket science. The problem is that you have to care and they don’t as it brings no money

You spend 3k gold on stronghold items? Sure… “I like collectibles” - oh really? Things you collect once and never do them again? 4 months and you are done with all of it if that is the only thing you do. MSQ? You know this game doesn’t have infinite story? Enjoy events? You mean the ones you do in 3 mins?

You do realize i have to gear the characters to continue msq right? I have 11 characters.
by collectables i mean all the mokoko seeds all the adventure tome items ect…
By events i mean all the events they do. current one being christmas!
I play every aspect of the game exept instanced group content.
Yes i will eventually run out of things to do. Never said this was my long term spend a decade playing mmo lol
Ff14 is my main if you would believe that haha
Yes it takes me months to get up the nerve to join dungeons and trials that i can’t run with npc but at least the community dont throw tissy fits and kick you if you aren’t geared a certain way. My anxiety can’t handle how hateful people are in this game so i have no interest in pushing past my anxiety to join a group of people who dont wanna just play and have fun
I dont raid in ff14 either, its just not what i enjoy :slight_smile:

they have not quiet found the death hold on you fuckers yet…so they will continue to choke you out somemore…get used to it…

Don’t give them ideas about removing Una’s gold because they will without any compensation. And when bots find a workaround it, they won’t revert the changes either

We have:

-no gold on rapport
-3 day hold on skins
-3 day hold on BC exchange
-trading restrictions
-20 listing item limit
-Time out after buying an item

Those are off the top of my head so I’m sure I’m missing some stuff. Some of them are quite annoying and affect real players while bots have gotten around them. RMT is at an all-time-low despite all those anti-bot mechanics that ended up annoying real players instead. No compensation

The most annoying part is that it may be effective for a week or two, then bots find a workaround and the measure becomes completely useless as bots have a bigger gold supply than ever. But they never revert anti-bot measures so our version just becomes more and more unfriendly to actual players

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You cannot get rid of bots using in-game restrictions and tactics, such as placing restrictions on the market or removing low hanging fruit gold.

Of course they could have proper bot detection and removal methods to directly delete the bots from existence, or ever making it into the game to begin with.


if you make a new account and level its to t3 you will know u dont get good gold from UNA, you dont even get enough for 1 large box. the fact of the matter is that is the least of their gold gain, the largest portion was gems from BR and Chaos daily clears, as well as things like oreha gold, argos gold and challenge dungeons.

try saying this to actual newer players

LA post

Delete the Una gold system = I can stop doing UNA tasks, so it decrease my amount of dailies.

Yes. I do say this to new players.

This is a shocker for you: But Lost ark sucks. Lost Ark has extreme much flaws. Una token is destroying the economy. It does it since months. There is no debate about it.

Yet they have to also take away every possible way to bot gold. The best solution would have been if they just make ALL gold that you can get (rapport, Guardian Quest, Una) Bound FOREVER. Bots cant use it. Real player can.

They decided to not touch una and decided to take all the other gold away.
Smilegate don’t think stuff through. Amazon doesn’t play its own game.

Installed the game after 7 months of not playing and I had 2.5k hours from the opening …
Saw all the “brilliant” solutions they implemented in the game and the general state of the game …
…I just uninstalled the game … have fun if you can … I can’t …o/

Bru you have no idea, they getting gold selling gems, unas token’s is just an extra

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