Botting argument

DISCLAIMER; i dont condone RNT or botting or an enconomist im just giving my input as a player with basic knowledge of enonomy as an investor in stocks and crypto.

Bots: Big issue, eye soar, game play nusense farming your quest.

Why do we have tons of bots? Becuase of high demand of gold, low gold going to the player and gold sink mechanics forcing the player to buy gold. Why dont players buy gold from crystals? a lot do but the exhcnage rate is terrible. Then comes 3rd party website offering pennis for 100x amount you would get from the exchange rate. High demand of gold causes other means in obtaining gold.

More gold players get no demand to buy gold hence less incentive for botting.

Negatives: more gold in eneconomy more inflation once a players buy all they want to buy and just stockpiles it. More gold sinks.

So its a problem to solve balance of players gold with less demand and enconomy inflation. Same with real world.

BOTS the good; bots do drive down prices becuase of them farming mats, i will not spam chaos dungeons for mats.

Please drop your throughts; ty for coming to my TED Talk.

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You are condoning RMT. Ban this guy.

You cant read ? Lol

Your “DISCLAIMER” is as useless as a person telling people not to harass or send hate to someone despite talking shit about person openly to a live audience of 20k+ people on twitch.

YOU: DISCLAIMER “i don’t condone RMT”


Im just giving my honest opinion. Trying think of the problem and solution and plus and minus to this problem.

Maybe dropping gold off the honing requirement too much resources to spend honing? Just throwing out an idea.