Botting or UE3 issue?

I was doing my dailies around Nevatia Ruins in Ozhorn Hill (Yudia) on the Stonehearth server (EUW) and I saw some people running through walls. I stopped for a moment and saw some other people near me running by and just suddenly disappearing. I tried following some suspicious looking characters and they suddenly disappeared a few seconds later and now I’m wondering if my server is flooded with bots already or is it some Unreal Engine 3 issue?

I asked area chat if they could see the same thing and someone whispered me and told me to stop talking about it or I’d get reported for trolling. I told them to come where I was and they then told me it was an Unreal Engine 3 issue… I thought it was a bit suspicious because I’ve been playing the game since release, moved to this server as soon as EUW opened up and haven’t seen anything like it anywhere. If this was a known issue, surely it would be something everyone would notice or something at least I would have noticed before?