Botting will ruin Valtan launch(why, and how to fix it)

Armageddon is coming to the Arkesia marketplace.

As many of you know, there is a popular bot going around for infinite chaos. This bot runs infinite chaos and nets you a chunk of mats every day. This is a small problem.

What is the big problem?

The accessory exchange fragments you get in infinite chaos are exchangeable for tradable relic accessories.

Well as many of you also know, and have been preparing for, there will be a huge gold rush for relic accessories when the Valtan patch drops. The people who have been using this bot are going to get hundreds of relic accessories the minute the servers go up. The people who have been saving(see: RMTing) gold are going to pay top dollar to have a day 1 set of accessories and those that have botted infinte chaos are going to have hundreds of attempts to roll perfect stat accessories. They will get more relic drops on day 1 than you will playing legitimately with 1415 alts by the end of June.

The solution?

Remove the relic accessories from the infinite chaos vendor for a week after Valtan release, maybe add it back in with Vykas.


i made the same post noone cared about it, most people were even happy because the prices are lower for it then :smiley:

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lol why remove them ? they should be account bound only imo your also assuming they let us to 1445 chaos

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A bit tragic. They will be priced out of even mediocre accessories when the RMT gold flood is unleashed.

Not remove, just delay. And we’re getting HM valtan its a safe bet we’re getting the 1445 chaos dungeons/relic accessories added to the vendor.

Just make it bound to character.

Honestly would not mind if relic accessories crash price day 1 because of supply. Cheaper for me to buy.


How are they going to ruin it? Stuff like this feels more like people are upset they aren’t going to be the main ones that will get to milk the whales rather than bot owners. If it’s a price thing and people are upset there will be high prices for stuff they may want then here’s something that is bound to sound crazy to some…WAIT. If one wants some items and the price is too high at the start then wait. I know, heresy for some in this community as they don’t know the concept of waiting. Nobody forces anyone to buy overpriced stuff in this game. Don’t like the crystal exchange price? Don’t buy. Don’t like the cost of things in the auction house? Don’t buy. Don’t like greater leapstone prices? Don’t buy. If everyone that complains about the cost of stuff simply refused to take part in it, the prices would have to drop. The constant complaining does nothing yet it is how so many humans in this world go about things they don’t like. Never actually wanting to do anything but just complain, then acting like a gun is held to their head and they are forced to do the thing they don’t like.

The other thing is the bots will have to be at the gear level those items unlock at. Are there a lot of bots right now that are at 1415+? Also, people are free to go grind infinite chaos dungeon themselves and look to exchange for these things to either sell on the market or use for themselves.

Maybe a miracle happens and AGS and Smilegate have a fix under wraps that they are going to unleash with the update to deal with the bot plague and will actually be effective for more than 3.2 seconds.