Bought 999 proxima stem and (728)root(18k silver each) by accident

i bought these two items by accident because i was working on north vern adventure tome, i was trying to craft harmony which require you to buy a bulk of fresh cocktail to get 3 rng cocktails to craft said item so i keep getting 2 of the 3 so i keep buying bulk of 10 until i get the last one i needed, next i wanted to craft proxima course meal which need proxima stem and root but due to my habit of buying in bulk of cocktails i shift right click(doing this set the items to 999) on both times and bought used all my 31m silver worth, i would like to ask is it possible to get my silver back or atleast make it so you can resell the items back to npc for the same price 18k silver

From Amazon Refund Policy:


" * After release, all games developed and/or published by Amazon Games and purchased from Amazon are non-returnable and non-refundable at this time. This includes digital items purchased or unlocked through in-game stores. "

Unfortunately this also includes items bought with silver, also unfortunately you are not the only one /first one with accidental purchases wasting all silver, but none of them got any refund and the only thing you will hear is a:

“sorry it happened, be careful next time please”

Lmao bet you don’t do that again

There are some things its better to make accurately and not in a rushed way.


It includes purchases with ingame currency as well

Or per definition maybe not, but might as well be, because they treat it the same and won’t refund.

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:thinking: Interesting

First time i’ve seen something like this also applying, good to know. Thank you for the correction :smile:

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