Bought Engravingsbook by accident

Hey, I had Desperate Salvation books in my watchlist and by accident bought 6 of them. But i have the engraving already maxed.
I didnt claim them from the post. Can you pls undo the purchase? Cause i couldnt even sell them back cause they would be bound (and useless) if i collevt them.


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I want a follow up on this case )) hope you get support ! Im so sorry…

Hi @burgho, welcome to our forums!

My apologies to hear about the situation with the books bought by mistake. Unfortunatelly at this point there is nothing we can do to revert the action or change the books, I’m sorry for any inconvenience it cause to you.

Best regards.

Really? I bought books fpr araound 47k. If you can´t resell them or use them, why is there a possibility to buy them in general???
We have Christmas today so please make somethin possible. They are just useless…

Or at least make them unbound so i can resell them. Dont care about the 5% loss, but the possibility to buy useless books is really annoying