Bought Redflesh Fish, never got them

So i was buying some mats to craft some Basic Oreha fusion material, when i noticed i didnt get any Reflesh Fish of the bunch i bought, so i thought i was due to new system locking you from buying more than once every 5s or so, so i went and carefully bought them but then i didnt get anything, so i tried again and looked at my gold, which was taken but never received the items.

Has this happened to anyone else ?

Little update in case that happened to anyone else, actually got them around 40mn later. Weird.

Just as a notice as well when you buy items like that as well, if they are all at the same price then if the amount runs out at the price you set, you can seem like you “buy” them but the transaction actually doesn’t go thru either (it does notifiy you but some people click it quick). Or only give a partial amount as well.

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