Bought Vanquisher Pack about 7 hours ago. Haven't gotten it yet

Bought the Platinum founders pack last night and when I tried to claim it when the servers came back up it wouldnt load and now its gone…

Server: US west - Valtan
Character: Rozey


Server: Trixion
Character: Monkeyblade

Had to correct my Character name x.x

Server : Asta
Character : Lidyth

All my quests disappeared

Name: Jbrella
Server: Galatur

I also have yet to receive my vanquisher pack:

Region: US east
server: azena
Character: Alturious

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Hey, this is an unrelated issue, please see this: Galatur Account Issues

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Server: NA East Regulus
Char: Osmanthus

Character : Anbribaboo
Server : Azena

Bought vanquisher pack the moment it came out.

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Is this happening on other servers? I’m on Vykas and have not received my purchase (over 6 hours ago now). Different pack though.

Character: Charoum

Support told me to wait it out, so I’m waiting. Will contact again tomorrow if no change, I suppose.

Update: Everything shows up properly for me this morning. Problem is resolved.

Missing Vanquisher pack

Character Solgear
Server Una

Missing all packs.

Bought the Vanquish pack on Steam, with an Failure 191004 in game…

Char : Heleikn
Server : Aldebaran

Lost Ark Apprentice Starter Pack
Lost Ark Explorer Starter Pack
Lost Ark Vanquisher Starter Pack about 6hrs ago

Character: Invalid
Server: Regulus

Missing vanquisher pack

Character: Khazsi
Server: Karta

Missing Vanquisher Pack as well. Completed purchase on Steam at 6 pm. Still haven’t received it yet.

Character: Jagerbombiid
Server: Mari

Same here missing Vanquisher Pack
Server - Thirain
Character - Reddentist

I’m missing all three new packs (Vanquisher, Explorer, Apprentice)
Server - Una
Character - Vez

I purchased them from Steam as Lost Ark DLC while the servers were down. The packs still show as available for purchase from the in game store.

Same here
Server - Avesta
Character - Naga

Missing gifted vanquisher, bought at 5:30 pm est

Character: Fatelings
Server: Karta

Missing Vanquisher: Mari - Zerosleep