Bought Vanquisher Pack

Hey, so I bought the Vanquisher pack before the EUW servers were announced/released, and so I was wondering is there any way to transfer this over to EUW? Otherwise I will have wasted £60…

at the moment the yellow names are stand off with us as nobody is transferring because they are not giving anything for people to transfer

Hello @Corrovox, welcome to the Lost Ark forums,

Unfortunaly as stated here: Lost Ark Team Update: Founder's Packs & Server Status

Please note that this is a one-time grant , and we do not have plans to continue to make additional grants of items available to players in the future. For example, there will be Starter Packs available for purchase at full launch tomorrow (more details to come), and we highly recommend only redeeming them once you settle into your permanent home server.

So to clarify, there is no way to transfer the pack if you claimed it on server.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Wow Jormungandrh,

That really makes me and i hope alot of people, dislike your company’s commercial insight. I will not waste any more money on this company.

I also want a new redeemable Vanquisher Chest since i opened one in the previous server

I also want the twitch drops since i wasted hours watching streams for having them on a unusable character

I received the founder packages but no extra characters slots or crystalines were included: I switched to EUwest so dont have my previous character slots

Server: Moonkeep EUW (coming from zinnervale EUC)
Char: Tropkeeesharp

Come on you guys are punishing the people who fund your (really poorly managed) company.