Bound honing material and accessory

Why, in a game where having alt is so important to progress, the honing material are bound to char and the jewelry need pheon to be sent to my alt?

I mean, why if I drop a decent or semi decent accessory for another characther of mine I have to mail it and use pheons?
And not 2 or 3, but a lot of them, resulting in a massive waste of gold.

I understand the need of pheon for the market, but why between the roster characters?
Why I can’t put the jewel in the roster wherehouse and than pick it up on my alt?

Why bound honing material is bound to char and not to roster?
I have planty of bound guardian stones, leapstones, or even the shards, why the shards are not a common resource?

Give us more freedom for the alts, let us use bound materials, let’s make more value out of alts chaos dungeons, make shards roster-wise like pirate coins and silvers.

Let us put a in the roster wherehouse a jewel we found, or an ability stone, that maybe has only 1 out of 2 engraving right but still can improve our alt to be used.
If someone has to spent pheon to pass a jewel to an alt it will never happen (if not a perfect one, which will be extremely rare).


I agree with accessory and ability stone point, but having leapstones and material bound to character makes people think more and be careful how they hone alts and how/ when to play them.
In short my pinion is remove pheons for roster trades, keep the rest.