Bound Items Change

Is there any specific reason they chose to make alot of items bound to character instead of bound to roster? If there is then my next comment would be irrelevant.
I think it is quite a waste to have a large amount of character bound items. Honing materials in particular that once we no longer need them on that character they are a waste. Most things vendor for 1 silver each even. I understand they had the intention to prevent a flood in the market by having some obtained honing materials bound but it would make alot more sense if they were roster bound so your alts can use them. I mean they build this game around the aspect of using alts on a large scale so it makes sense to me.

My 2 cents


Ya I feel both pushed to, and punished for having alts. I’m having fun with the game and most the big complaints I read about don’t bother me, but this is a point of frustration every time I play.