Bound Items from Mari's Shop

I’m sure this a beaten horse topic on the forums by now but the fact that items redeemed that are purchased from Mari’s shop via crystals are bound to character is absolutely a predatory money grab praying on people who make a mistake. It is solved incredibly easily by just making them bound to roster and unsellable on the market or adding an undo claim feature usable directly after redemption. Even if there was logical reasoning behind it the fact that AGS says they do not have the tools to reverse such a small error as this is also frustrating and almost seems to be a shield. I get that would take a lot of manpower and resources to do so as this is a common mistake, but it really shouldn’t even be a thing to begin with.

To my knowledge this is also not an issue in the Eastern version of the game. I really enjoy this game and what it has to offer but it is small issues like these that are non issues in almost every other MMO that add up and collectively increase player frustration.

This really needs visibility and communication to AGS so hopefully we can see a change.

Yes, I’m sure Smilegate was thinking of all of the possible ways some clown might accidentally click on a check box, click claim, and then click on accept in the confirmation window that tells you what character you are claiming the item on and their ilvl when they were coming up with ways to milk the player.

It’s alright to admit you fucked up. Everyone makes mistakes. No need to come running to the forums to cry about it.

And btw, your knowledge is wrong. The Korean client doesn’t have roster-wide mats for everything.

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Very clever and thought provoking response. Thanks for your input!

Edit: I absolutely made a mistake, which as you pointed out, everyone does. But as much as you would like to insult me and believe I came “running to the forums to cry about it” that isn’t the case. It is something I do not think adds any value to the game, and would like to see a change so I shared my thoughts on the matter. Voices left unspoken are voices left unheard.

If you would like to have civil discourse with someone, try refraining from insults right out of the gate.

The only tradable mats are from chaos dungeons, guardian raids, bloodstone vendor and pirate shop. I believe leapstones are untradable though. If the materials are in boxes they are roster bound, when opened they will be bound to the character it is opened from. Not sure why materials cannot be roster bounded instead of character bounded but it is how it is. Maybe it is some smilegate coding or something but good luck on trying to not make those mistakes again.