Bound materials why

I dont really get it why is “bound to character” thing here… Why we need it? Okay lets clear it for mats…this is the worst thing in mmo what i’ve seen in my life. Just let the mats bound to roster…will this hurt anything/anyone? I dont think so but there wont be millions of leftover mats. I have a T2 bard but i get bored of her im just using her for doing reputation and sometimes chaos and raid if i have a new alt in T2…BUT we get way more bound materials like shard, and leapstones than tradable… For example i have 1358 T2 leapstones on my bard what would be really helpful for my new T2 alts BUT IT BOUNDS TO CHARACTER why is it good for lost ark that u cant just put the bound mats to roster storage? Why? I cant even get 1 thing why is it good. Ruin all of the leftover mats and useful things of alts. The other example my T3 alts… I just put my berz to 1340 ilvl and left him there with 785 T3 leapstones :slight_smile: it would be really helpful for my 1405 main character… Like its 157 great honor leapstones what costs more than 8000 gold… What the hell is wrong with the bound mechanic???