Bound Materials!

I really like the game but I don’t understand why all the materials are bound to charakters and aren’t kader bound. Everybody had this moment where he didn’t look if he opens, for example a chest from a dungeon and forgot that the materials are bound to the charakter but you needed them for your main or twink and all the materials are stuck forever on the charakter and you can’t sell them either. Or my problem is that I used the event for the twinks on my main account cause I didn’t read the patch notes ( I don’t flamme the game that they didn’t put a notifacation on the event, its my own fault), so now I have over a stack tier 2 materials on my Main account cause I did the event on my main for the engravings and didn’t know that the game would let you swap the charakters for the event, but I would say it is a good solutions for everybody to make all matierals kader bound and not charakter bound.