(Bound) Upgrade Materials should be (Roster Bound)

It is extremely annoying to have leftover materials on my higher tier chars and can’t funnel them into my alts.

My main has so many leftover shards, leapstones, etc and they’re just taking up storage space now. Instead of injecting the game with infinite event materials to make people catch up, why not just change this game mechanic?

In fact, even if they punish -50% trade in value for roster bound, that’s better than this current system of char bound paperweight.

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you can sell them for silver if you are worried about your storage

i really dont understand how people can still complain about mats when we get such a shitload from events.

there is good reasons why some mats are bound and some arent or you could have 500 alts doing una dailies for greater leapstones.

What are your talking about. The max chars you can have is 12 per roster. And who gives a shit if you had 12 t3 chars to farm greater leapstones? You worked for that.

I 100% agree that all bound mats should just be roster bound. There is literally no reason not to do this and it’s extremely easy.

“Make alts to funnel materials into your main”

“Bound all your alt’s materials so you can’t funnel them into your main”

Make it make sense

– Considering I’m complaining about different tier’d materials being bounded to my main, it’s not like the leapstones from una’s tasks on my alts would help my main anyway.