Box of fever time

Today March 19 we were suppost to be able to claim a fever time box. i cant find it anywhere? am i missing something?



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this need more visibility ASAP

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Wasn’t that given after doing one pvp match?

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update: I did a few Pvp matches in hopes of getting the annouced box, thinking that the two things could be related, didnt get any reward besides the tokens.

The pvp fever Event just ended and still no boxes of any kind

Fever Time Weekend Event

This hotfix also kicks off the in-game Fever Time event. Each weekend through April 10th (at 2 AM PT / 10 AM UTC), one character on a player’s Roster will be able to claim a “3 Battle Items Chest” on Saturday and on Sunday that includes the following items:

  • Healing Battle Item Chest x5
  • Utility Battle Item Chest x5
  • Offensive Battle Item Chest x5

The 3 Battle Items Chest can be claimed by once on Saturday and once on Sunday between 3:01 AM PT / 10:01 AM UTC and 2:59 AM PT / 9:59AM UTC, when the event clock will reset. Fever Time will happen each weekend until April, so be sure to reap the rewards while you can!

Also wondering what is going on with this event.

The event was supposed to be live during this past weekend but as you noticed it wasn’t. Because of this, we’ll extend the duration of the event by one weekend, so it will run until April 17th instead of April 10th, and you’ll be able to claim the first “3 Battle Items Chest” on Saturday


Will we just need to login and claim like the daily login reward or will we need to do one of the PVP matches that were marked as “Fever time”?