Bracelet tip from Korean Streamer

I was watching Korean Streamer youtuber who was sharing tip on bracelet

  1. DO NOT waste money on bracelet until you are done with tripod, honing, ability stone (7/7), engravings and Gems.

  2. For our current level if you get your two major stat on bracelet that is useful bracelet. I.E if swiftness and specialization is your main stat and bracelet gives you swiftness and specialization use it. Other 1 or 2 slot is just bonus.

  3. Once brel hard comes out and we get higher lvl bracelet you want to aim for +100 for you two major stats.

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I just upgrade my bracelet to ancient.

[Based on SA servers] Don’t underestimate seemingly mediocre bracelets! Any 2-3 liner with at least 90 Spec is already worth 10k gold. I regret not realizing this before :stuck_out_tongue:

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