Brand new 50 how to use power pass and express event - help needed

Hi all, I recently started playing the game and hit level 50 last night on my berserker. I’ve watched some guides on what to do next eg continue main quest to north Vern to unlock more content etc which is what I’m doing. I’m looking for advice on how to use the express event coupled with a power pass. This is my only character at 50 so I’m brand new. Should I use this character on the express event along with the upgrade materials from the power pass or is that overkill? I have no idea how high these things will upgrade me as I’ve never even seen the honing vendor yet.

I don’t want to waste them on just one character if they will be enough for 2 as I’m quite keen to make some Alta such as a deathblade, shadow Hunter or gunslinger (any recommendations appreciated).

Sorry if these are stupid questions! As I say I’m brand new and all the guides I find are from a few months ago and don’t take the newest patch into consideration! Any help appreciated!

If you follow the maxroll guide of speedrun to t3, you should be able to almost instantly go to t2 with your character. Using express would be a slight overkill for t1 mats BUT loot from islands comes in chests which you can keep for your roster thus meaning its a good choice to do express on this char. T2 express mats will help you greatly as it takes some time to get through that phase.
As for the powerpass leave that for alts once you get more familiar with the game (and make sure to test the class out before using powerpass as you may find out you don’t really like it)

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the super express missions will give you a lot of materials at each tier and will potentially speed things up from advancing a tier in 1-2 weeks down to 2-4 days. the main change is you get a +20% chance to upgrade your weaopn (e.g. to go from 580 (+14) to 600 (+15) is normally 40% chance, but now a 60% chance) and advancing more item levels per hone, going from +2 straight to +4, to +6, etc, until +12. once you advance in tier, you will also research a stronghold buff that increases the percentage as well.

however, if you want to take things slow on your main, and then express an alt when you finally reach t3 in about a month’s time from now, it’ll get your alt to t3 in about a week if you play it every day with the abundance of materials it hands out. later on in the game having more alts becomes a lot more efficient (more blue/red stones, more gold) , although not necessary.

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I would play your main Berzerker as “intended” via the islands and maxroll guides and such. And as others have suggested, use the Express Pass on an alternate character of your choosing.

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I’d use the express pass on another alt and power pass on even another one, if you are looking to get the most out of it

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He doesn’t have Feiton yet as he’s a fresh 50 but sound advice once he clears Feiton.

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Like some people wrote there is guides with 1 time material rewards that speed up your first character, but you still will need like 1-2 weeks to reach T2 and 3-4 to get to T3. I myself would use express event and leave this materials for alts, or use them as needed, with express you will reach T3 in like 2 weeks, or faster.
Every time you reach new tier you get stronghold research that increase honing chance by 10% and reduce required materials for 20%? (not shoure its 20) for tier you went trough (1385 item level for T3), so its easier for alts.
Feithon Pass puts your character at end of Feithon story line with +8 items (you need +15 for next tier), its better used on alt character when you have reaserch buff becouse it will take week or 2 to get the last 40 item level with main block of life shards.

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yeah you cannot even use your feiton pass anyways.

use the express to lvl your main to ilvl 1000, use the feiton pass on an alt.
with that alt you can funnel mats to your main to reach t3.
after reach t3, continue farming with your alt so it will also reach t3 a while later

Thank you all for the replies! Very helpful!