Brand new classes = Support

There is a serious imbalance of supports in the game and I think it would be awesome to see the next several new classes be support. I really trust SmileGate to be able to make new support classes that have unique and fun mechanics that set them apart from what we have now.

Also can’t friggin’ wait for Artist to come to NA/EU servers.


For real, they better release artist and she better have a dam powerpass ffs.


I mean i wish the supports did have more options. My bard is 1415 and i dont know if i should push her more or save for months to get artist high ilvl day one lmao

A support specific powerpass would be good


I agree but imagine the outrage that comes with that idea from the destroyer community haha

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yes, all 3 of us will be mad.


WIth a bit luck end of the year :slight_smile:

Here ill fix it for you
end of next year

Such a controversial class i doubt we will see it anytime soon unfortunately

This is coming from someone who wants to main her

I’m manually levelling a destroyer and idm since doing tower isn’t nearly as painful as doing it with my bard.


True facts right there xD fuck the tower on bard LMAO

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  1. There’s an imbalance of support players, adding more supports does not add more support players.

  2. Anyone choosing a support as a DPS main would only exist as a parked alt that fuels the main and doesn’t contribute to the endgame support pile.

  3. In WoW almost every class can be a support. The game still has far fewer supports than needed. In WoW many classes can be a tank, but the game has way fewer tanks than needed. This is the quintessential example of how “More supports do not equal more support players”.

  • Adding Artist doesn’t fix the support problem.
  • Adding more supports doesn’t fix the support problem.
  • To fix the support problem, you need to have more players who want to support a party.

Whats the reason you play this game? Mine is to have fun. Is bard/paladin fun to me? No but artist looks fun. So in the end adding artist will have a impact on the pile at end game. BUT it will not 100% fix it. Maybe like 5% lmaooo

There is nothing Controversial about just because there is few ppls try to make it one.

Shes coming when hers time, and the lack of support can even speed that up.


Even if they fuel the main, eventually the support alt will have enough bound mats to push to higher ilevels. And the closer we catch up to korea the rate of prog content slows down.

Doubt non whales will ever have support alt at highest ilvl/current content, where we actually need those supports. Unless they magically create a ton of support mains nothing is gonna change

While I would like a powerpass for my Artist… I would not be upset if I didn’t get one. Just getting the class would literally make me happy lol!


you spoke about wow
but even in FFXIV

  1. a character can be all jobs.
  2. there are quite good bonuses to do daily dungeons as the role which is lacking right now (dynamic system)
  3. each tank class get a specific achievment for cleaning dungeons with each tank to have an exclusiv mount…
  4. the rate is close to 1/4 tank and 1/4 healer 2/4 DPS

even with all those… we wait most of time for healer/tank even for easy content (like dungeons)… The wait is mostly low (… friend say “no so low” but i don’t remember more than 5 minutes personally, maybe i mistake…) but there is a clear lack of heal/support

LA has a bigger issue but it is impossible to solve it.
As kyros said, having many support won’t really solve the problem… will maybe lower it a little (the fact some people are in “half standby” for artist will help little more than a “new unknown support” also sure)


Id push for 1430 for Vykas normal, since ppl are so desperate for supports its a lot of gold


You are just wrong.

I am a DPS main at the moment and I will main artist once she is released. So adding a new support will increase support players by at least one.