Brel G3 shape mechanic

So I have experience until like G6 around 60x bars left from last week. But I can’t say I’m experienced cause now 2 for 2, I died on shapes in G3. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m on the outer ring starting at 1 (Top right) as a bard.

I kill my first and second just fine, but when I kill the third one my stacks just resets and then I’m dead.

Pls can someone enlighten me on what I’m doing wrong

Sounds like you are not fast enough ? try starting in the middle of the three and killing 1 outer one with a nade ?

Was thinking it was speed related, so I asked a bard on what skills they use to deal with the mech but I guess we had different tripods cause my prelude of storm did not one shot one of them.

I’ll give grenade a go next reset

Same LOL. Same position and situation. I even threw 2 nades still didn’t make it in time. Not sure what I’m lacking.

Diamonds need to be killed pretty quickly, but have barely any health
Cubes die not so quickly but also have more time, but are susceptible to AoE the stars or diamonds if not fast enough.

Im spec bard

have no problem to kill that 3 in time

i stay in the middle of that 3 i have to kill
i use Stigma for the first left of my position( i know, no swift bard is using it, but it gains alot of meter for me as spec bard )
then use Sonic Vibration to the right ( again i use the dmg tripods except atk buff, cause it gives the most meter )
and then prelude of storm right at my position ( most meter gain build again )

if something did not die , which is when it does not krit , u kill it with my Laser , Dmg tripod build not meter gain

but i have to say i already have a lvl 21 weapon , all tripods on 5 and all 4 skills on lvl 12
i have lvl 7 dmg gems on prelude , laser and Sonic

it should work without Stigma and just laser one instantly

also i have my 15% dmg increase always on me , cause i gain with my 1500 specc so much meter that i easily can provide enough dmg buffs even tho i heal all 30 secs 1 bubble heals

and if not , thats what awakening pots are for , 1 before the fight 1 infight

I’m like 70% sure it isn’t a speed thing. I don’t fully understand the mechanic but apparently if someone fks the stars up then the diamond player won’t get their buff when they kill the third diamond and will die. Their life is tied to the star players success.

There are multiple ways peoples lives are tied to the success of other players lives in this mechanic.

Heard that as well, but the actual kill for this week was only me dead, while everyone else managed through it

I actually just learned today that the diamonds spawn in clockwise order starting at 6oclock and making their way around so I could be wrong but I think what’s actually happening is that the diamonds which spawn in that position (starting top right) are the last couple that spawn, so those three shapes have the tightest timing. This checks out to me bc a majority of the posts i see online with supports struggling on diamonds seems to be people starting in the top right lol

(as a bard that has also been doing diamonds starting in the same position as you on two characters, just barely making it by throwing two nades after dying a bunch bc I didn’t make it in time)

So I’m thinking maybe having a dps take the top right diamonds would help in the future since they can pop them faster

That would be my second option if I couldn’t kill it fast enough with grenades

If stars are messed up nobody lives. Its a time thing ypu have to kill 3 diamonds before the purple pulse

Nate on one. Soundholic the other two worked 100 percent for me so far.

Kill 2 fast and throw ww granade on 3rd. There will be legit no way for you to not be fast enough with this strat.

Or precast 1 aoe on spot and proceed with 2/3

For bard:

  1. stand in middle of first and second shape you want to kill
  2. once first one spawn, use sonic vibration. One skill is enough (the slow cast of sonic vibration is why you need to use it on first shape only)
  3. second spawn, you use prelude of storm, if you see your damage isn’t enough, use sound shock to finish the job
  4. fourth one, you use soundholic

(I’m a cheapo so i don’t want to waste unnecessary items)

Put yourself at the middle diamond spawning. Toss a destr at the one on a side, do the middle one, then do the third on the other side.