Brel gate 3 & 4

Since now I got my second 1500, I am wondering how ppl do the gate 3 and 4 mech. i run my main with the guild so I dont know how ppl run with randoms.

For gate 3, most of the mechs are 3x or 3x+1 but what about star mech? Do ppl just call out?

For gate 4, how do you decide for each color? For red, usually highest stagger stays behind. For blue, is it party 1 1+2 and 3+4 and party 2 1+2 and 3+4?
For yellow, 12 stagger 3 destroy 4 eat?

I’d imagine you just talk to people. With a few exceptions to the rule such as supports always on the outside in g3 you’d basically just talk to people. As for g4 I believe it’s fairly standardized to go by party number p1 12 is blue 34 is blue or red p2 12 is green and 34 is green white. As for the stagger you’d just have to talk and decide as each groups stagger potential and synergies will be different.

For G3 shapes, people are assigned to or call out their roles. Easiest is to use the big circle in the area where you fight the mini boss at the start, people just stand in their preferred spots and call their shapes. The star people also call their colours.

For G4, usually the lobby lead assign one party to green/white and other party to blue/red. Easiest to change each party name to their corresponding colour. Players 1+2 and 3+4 in each party are paired for their colours. Each party also decide amongst themselves who will be orb destroyer, orb taker and stagger.

Basically it’s just communication and deciding roles before starting the run. If you get into pugs that don’t do any of the above or just rush to start the run without everyone being clear on their role, get out of there or risk getting jailed.


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Gate 3 is just p1 x3 and P2 x3+1.
The x42 Mech is just called out like: Dia 5-8, Cube 1-3 or Star B/Y. Never had any problems there.

In Gate 4 it’s partynames for example Party 1 GGWW so it’s Green and White and in the party you write with your party member who does what at certain Boss Mechanics like Stagger/Destroy/Catch and so on.

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it’s not that complicated

for g3 you make people stand in their positions
this is because maxroll mobalytics and w/e else shit site you wanna look guides from will use wild numberings that if you tell people x3 they won’t know what the fuck you talking about

so for g3 you justmake everyone stand in the pattern so they know where to go
usually somoene will steal someone elses shape due to miscomunication someone will die but fortunately enough if you get past it with at least 3-4 people you will finish the fight

for g4 you just rename parties with colors and tell people to assign positions for the yellow orb stagger
the cubes are assigned by party color
the multi stagger laser mech is prefered that high stagger stays last
so if you have a gunlancer it’s best for him to stay last
but i’ve been unlucky enough to have to go in on 1st stagger because the buff spawned below mny feet and it was still fine
the stagger is very fogiving in nature
if unsure throw bombs

if you have any of the following
scrapper, destroyer, artilerist, gunlancer, summoner, supports with vital point, reaper you shouldn’t be pressured to do any of the stagger checks with much difficulty
i’d say killing the orb quickly is the biggest hurdle for pugs

Gate 3.
-P1 x 3
-P2 x3 + 1
-x42 Healthbar, players usually call for their position or position themselves before they start
the raid. Sup and range class usually takes the outer diamonds. Some likes to call 567 or 789.
That’s confusing asf to me like we all know we gotta hit 3 stars/cubes/diamonds and where it
is going to spawn. Just call your position like 11 dia-1 dia or 12 square-7 square to Star R/.Y,

Gate 4

  • Depends on how the leader name the group doesn’t matter works the same.

    -P1-BBRR(magenta, pink, purple) or GGWW
    -P2-GGWW or BBRR(magenta, pink, purple)

  • For the 4 small cube stagger mech
    -Depends on what party you are in.
    -Player 1&2 -Blue or Green
    -Player 3&4-Red or White
    Some groups likes to gather up 8 players as a whole after stagger to unroot themselves but that is very unorganized and inefficient. Players will struggle where to meet so just meet with your party group on your side in between cube you stagger. I suggest one carries flame grenades cause it comes in handy.

  • Stagger Break/Catch Orb
    -Each Party decides what they wanna do depending on classes in your party that has good stagger to no stagger.

  • Collecting Prism
    -Doesn’t matter 1 go safe spot and the rest stagger>collect>safe spot>repeat.

Simple bruhh.

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I have a problem with 3 & 4 every week. The most problematic I have in g3 is people keep hitting my shape and the position they call is sometime different too (ex: D567 as oppose to D678, etc…). On g4, people keep switching up BBRR/GGWW or RRBB/WWGG. It’s really confusing as there’s no consistency with pug. I’m planning to quit this game hopefully soon so I don’t have to deal with all the drama this game create. Already cut playing time in half. Not worth lingering around. I won’t miss the DC either.

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That’s why if you don’t have a static then everything will be different in pug. For me static is nice but I don’t learn much of the different type of scenario and situation that will happen in the raid if we are use to doing the same thing over and over again in a static. For pug you get to hone your reflexes, learn how to adapt, adjust to mistakes and tight situation. There is no right or wrong in pug, everyone does it differently but it is quite the same. So yea that’s the annoying part but we all have to accept, learn, teach and show each other our preferences.

Star mech

The two people in the middle pick Blue and red.

If boss is blue: Blue guy picks yellow. Red guy picks…red
If the boss is red: Red guy picks yellow, blue guy picks…blue
If the boss is yellow: Both people pick their color normally.

Its much easier to do it this way, some gigachad explained this to my half static when we were struggling to clear this part.

Squares and diamonds are whathever, but i like to assign diamonds as left and right side. Check this pic:

There is clearly a left and right side here. And the most obvious one is the person clearing the diamonds from below. Really can’t go wrong with this.

That image guide is not wrong but that is another player guide to distinguish what is easier to him and to others who prefer that way. I personally and like many others don’t follow nor prefer that guide. We just call the clock position+shape as to where we are going to destroy. For example according to your image 3,4,5-dia, some players call it 9,10,11-dia. We all know we have to destroy 3 shapes and where it is going to spawn. So I personally think calling 3,4,5 or 9,10, 11 diamond just 11-diamond. It’s simple, less numbers confusion because others like myself doesn’t see that as efficient, for many players calls the numbers differently.

I prefer this method for we been using time clock since Argos.


The problem i see is that for some reason people can’t really picture their own positions when calling out through clock numbers. It happens on valtan every week (mfs saying numbers right away and they don’t even remember where tf 4 is supposed to be at), and i see many of my friends G3 runs (they have a bunch of alts and i don’t) failing cause some pepega stole a diamond. There was one run where a person was so clueless that they were asking who was supposed to get the 12 o’clock diamond (???)

Left and right side usually helps

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Yep there’s a few guides out there that not everyone follows the same one, but everything is very similar. Same position of shape are being destroy that is why calling out numbers players will think 1 o clock is at 6, 11 o clock is at 6 and etc. The only random mech and differences is the stars.

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its not rocket science, people talk and more often than not all know what they have to do.
brel is quite ok for pubs 1 to 5 its, ok 6 well that a different beast.

For G3 usually it’s just call outs, like 9 dia, 3 sq etc and stars (the 2 stars people have their own call out)

For G4 it’s a simple system of BBRR and GGWW (each party, by number). Personally I use the number of dots, not the color itself (Green is 1 Dot on the map, Red is 2, Blue 3, White 4)

How you handle yellow mechanic is just talk to your party and decide who breaks, who catches and which 2 stagger.

For Red Mech, unless you have a really stagger lite party, it typically doesn’t matter what order people grab the triangles for

For Blue mech you just goto your prior assigned color (BBRR/GGWW) and break the cube with your buddy.

Gate 3 : Positions P1/P2 3x and x42 Shapes call what they want
Gate 4 : Sexy Party Talk Yellowmech and Lead change Party Name to Collors


thats because nobody is calling clock positions in valtan, they are calling the orb number and consensus is that the orb at 1 o clock is number 1, which makes it so that the guy who calls 5 (5th orb) has to stand at 7 o clock

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Discord voice chat. Easiest way to coordinate. Problem solved.

Then it’s not a pug runny friend. Ordo you go with every pug in a voice chat?

In G3, pugs assigned their position after clearing mobs and pretty easy to notice who is new and one that has no idea (the impostor).

Red = Highest stagger stays.
Blue = 1+2 and 3+4 (both party)
Yellow = Highest stagger will stagger of course and up to the other 2 whos going to do what.

It is pretty much the same with your static group. NA/EU Version has the same guide to look at.