Brel gate 3 & 4

Thats not a rule, dont make it a rule.

As bard I prefer to do cube. Also if theres like 2 igniter sorcs in the party its better if they do dimond cuz they have big aoe dmg. Maybe the same with the other version of sorcs idk

The naming further confuses between parties. We use O’clock patterns. It’s frustrating that people uses different cheat sheet, same patterns but the number changes. The community is saturated.

clearing gate 3 is literally if star person doesn’t fk up. If 1 person fks up he just kills 1 other person.

if star person fks up he kills all his fellow same shape (up to 3)

u ask in chat
which guide they using version
follow it

class over
FYI none of these replies will be correct.
Sponsorships, payments, misinformation…
Resulted in 4 diff guides for Gates 3,4,6

Calling colors and shapes with the 3 clock pos of them. Pretty much the same procedure as Vykas G2.
People may still struggle with that because some people tend to write stuff in between the calls or people run around instead of standing at their pos if you wanna check if everyone knows where they need to be.

Party leader names groups to colors so you can see which color you are for blue and yellow mech. In group chat party writes down their role for yellow mech.

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