Brel hard 2023.04.12 confirmed based on this evidence

What do you think chalenges will be?
My guess - New tower and new cube/boss rush, becouse we dont have any missions on cubes or boss rush now

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maybe you are right , you pointed a good thing , i just hope we get esther mats and weapons , so we can make money on whale :stuck_out_tongue:


updates usually are when daily login ends so.
could be “delayed” but we should find out tuesday since thats usually their news day.

End of April i hope not

Abre hard has no new cubes and boss rush.
But i think one of these is for the new tower

i dont think you know what the word confirmed means

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It’s clown hell mode…

im more excited about doing hanumatan and the new ancient gear than brel hm herself, but yeah looks like it’s coming on the 12th :slight_smile:

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Only having a new guardian makes the patch good lol… That carl pos is really bad

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Brel will keep just doing 1-4 like Always, new guardian and chaos with more mats… Also the tower and getting ready For elgacia set lvl 3, we are getting closer to KR lvls of power and then we will show them how to play this game.

brel ? i sleep , give me my new gunslinger glow .


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There are way more skilled players in global than any other versión of lost ark

That’s true, even the KR streamers admit to that.

haha, that being said it’s true, after summer 2023 we will strart getting to that sweet content KR had when the game launched here.

true story I hope they add esther because F2P players will be swimming in gold because of whales and esther, I’ve had my eyes on esther even before this game released in the west. Because I knew that esther will be a gold mine.

the fact that you think youll get an esther mat from brel hard LMAO, the drop rate is like 0.01%

Most people on Kr have never seen a single esther mat drop doing brel hard(and also Kayangel/Akkan) with 6+ alts for years.


It isn’t a gold mine, you guys are delusional

The only thing Esther weapons will do to the game is “forcing” the RMTers to keep buying gold from bots.

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we will not get esther weapons bro

Are u f2p and 1580 ? Or atleast 1540 for brel 1-2 ? Idk what dreams ya having but no f2p besides no lifers are hm ready xD

Ngl most f2p have at least 1 1540 character lol

Nop no real f2p with limited time has 1540