Brel nerf patch EU/NA won't escape it

Just as the title suggests.

I just wanted to let everyone here on the forums know the likelihood of you guys getting the un-nerfed version of brel is very low. RU just got the same brel nerfs yesterday and I have no doubt JP also already got the same brel nerfs.

So EU/NA will be the last to get it when brel comes out, just accept your fate.

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6 gates…nerf is good. I welcome it. I don’t want to do 6 gates of inferno, but the title said it is normal.


the nerfs are for both normal and hard, hell mode will be untouched as nothing has been said about hell mode yet.

Edit: thanks, I removed the “global” from the title as I meant it is a patch that will be on all regions not all stages in brel.

didnt they just nerfed gate 1-4 ?
its fine if they leave 5-6 like it is right now

The nerfs are perfectly healthy. Most of the changes are just cleaning up the fights and removing a few frustration one-shots.

All in all the content the majority of the players will be doing (G1-4) are now just a better overall experience and G5-6 are still there for those looking for the challenge

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depends I can’t say for KR it’s 1-4 with little on 6.
For RU it’s 1-6, with some damage reduction and others on 5-6. I’m not on the JP server, so I can’t say how many they will nerf.
However, Gate 1-4 will be nerfed that’s known the rest depends on AGS.

Here is RU Gate 5-6

Phase 5 (Normal and Heroic Mode)
The skill of Esdo Shandi no longer allows you to avoid damage from a falling meteorite.
Reduced the damage to the explosion of a meteorite that fell into an incorrect mark on 140 and 50 strips of the boss’s health.

Phase 5 (Heroic Mode)
Aurelsud’s health reserve was slightly reduced.
Aurelsud no longer attacks opponents with purple arrows.

Phase 6 (Normal and Heroic Mode)
During the creation of crosses on the floor, Aurelsud no longer stuns the players in front of him.
During the summoning of the red spheres, Aurelsud moves a shorter distance.
The Print Dreams effect has been reduced to 8 seconds (previously 15 seconds).
The “Confusion of Dreams” effect is now superimposed on 7 characters (previously 4).
Now, when leaving the rift of illusions, the effect of temporary invulnerability is imposed on the character.
Reduced the amount of grueling damage that must be inflicted by copies of Aurelsud to destroy it.

Phase 6 (Heroic Mode)
During the call of meteorites, Aurelsud will now attack the nearest targets.
Reduced the amount of damage absorbed by the Aurelsud shield during the meteorite phase. With the successful destruction of the shield, the summoned meteorites disappear.
Reduced the number of waves of meteorites summoned by Aurelsud.
The health reserve of the red meteorite has been increased.

KR is just gate 6

‘Dream Legion Leader Abrelshud’ Raid Gate 6
Normal/Hard difficulty common
During the pattern of each raider entering the Dream World, the effect has been improved to make it easier to distinguish between Abrelshud’s ground explosion attacks.

JP unknown I don’t play on it

NA/EU Gate 5-6 unknown

So AGS might nerf more or not, will have to see when the patch drops the final gates don’t seem to be the same for all (JP is unknown and will probably include later on) regions.

And STILL you will see Kanima doing a reaction video 2 weeks after Brel release:
“Brel destroyed my guild, my static, my life and my marriage”


Hhahaahha :rofl:

gate 5 and 6 are untouched btw

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Good, the majority has spoken. Bring on the justified nerfs.