Brel rehearsal taking up legion spot for 3 a week limit

I’m unable to do the normal Brelshaza raid and I would love to experience the rehearsal on my main with my friends and get condoms but it counts as one of my legion raid limits for the 3 per week, it doesn’t make any sense for the rehearsals to count for your limit when they’re nothing like a normal legion raid, its just practice.

The warning is everywhere similar to clown rehearsal. Dunno why this is a problem for you now.


I know the warning is there, my whole point is it shouldn’t be a thing it doesn’t make sense. They should be there for practice that’s the whole reason they’re there it’s rehearsal so if it’s practice it shouldn’t count as a normal raid and them contributing to that limit is dumb.

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It’s purpose was solely towards new players to prepare em for end game. It doesnt really work for NA since there’s barely new players willing to start now.

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Yeah, I understand that, it’s also for people who aren’t able to do the actual raid quite yet but my point isn’t about who it’s for, my point is that it’s stupid that it takes up a slot for your 3-a-week limit regardless of who it’s intended for initially. If it’s practice and meant to be treated as practice (it says practice in the release notes) it shouldn’t take up a spot for your normal raids when the rewards and all are completely different.

because it has rewards

Yeah but like I said the rewards are not the same as normal raids. You don’t get gold, there’s no auction at the end, no jewelry, no card drop chance or book. You get condoms and that’s it so something that doesn’t give equal rewards to a normal legion raid shouldn’t be taking up a 3-a-week spot for a normal legion raid.

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I literally just said that condoms were the rewards lol and I literally said something on here just to point out how stupid it was and you decided to comment and to continue to comment stupid things that don’t make any sense to what my whole point is. I CAN’T do normal mode, the whole point of a practice mode is to PRACTICE the normal raid. It doesn’t make sense that a practice mode would be able to equal a normal legion raid spot when they aren’t the same.

JUST. DO. THE. NORMAL. MODE. That’s how you actually practice the raid. It gets easier every week. Look at clown. Shit’s easy now

You are genuinely either not understanding what I’m saying or you’re choosing to ignore it. This is literally going in circles so I’m not going to sit here and go pointlessly back and forth with someone who clearly doesn’t know how to read.

The entry for Deja Vu is 1430.

Do it on a character below 1490?

then stand up

Yeah I know that’s a thing I could do, but it’s no fun to have to do it on an alt character just because of a silly thing like that. Ultimately I will since there isn’t any other option but I just wanted to point out how silly the whole thing is.

And you really shouldn’t have to base it on alt stuff and it just be a thing where it’s assumed everyone has alts to that level/at all tbh.

Yeah that’s a recommendation you should be taking there, it’ll be a lot easier to find your brain that way.


It’s that way for people that aren’t of that item level to still gain rewards and try the new raid out. It should take up a ticket because you get rewarded for completing the raid and that reward are the raid’s piece like valtan horn.

It’s like a mini-catch raid and should be considered as easy mode until you reach the item level then you enter normal mode. It’s not “just practice” as there’s a reward to be gained that can be used later on in game at it’s required item level, if it was just practice it would be added in trixion with all the other practice tools.


I get what saying and mostly agree.

The marks or whatever called are only earned 1 time per roster for the week, just like clown, so that isn’t an issue like some are trying to say. Even if you do brel normal 6 times a week, only getting them on the first clear of the week.

Maybe you shouldn’t be able to do rehearsal then normal on the same character, and can do it on a lower alt if trying to help people.

The one thing I think they should change with both of these rehearsal modes is that it shouldn’t lock your whole roster from rehearsal after cleared on normal for the week.

For example, I clear Clown G1-3 on a main on Wednesday, now no character on my roster (even if it meets the ilvl required for rehearsal) can do rehearsal for the week.

Have had times some more casual friends/guildies want to do it on the weekend to experience it before they reach 1475. Yes they can still do it, but it would help especially the new player experience when you can help and guide them through it.

Don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to do it on a 1445 alt after already cleared on a main. The marks are not an excuse, you do not get them on subsequent clears regardless.

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If you wanna practice do it with something below 1490. Going with 1490+ is just a free carry dpswise and not really good pratice if you skip too much.

Clown is a joke right now xD