Brelshaza ancient gear

It used to be 40 orbs to craft a piece of ancient but it got reduced to 30 and 75 for weap…

Will we get those QoL rates or the bad ones?

Also another related question, since artist patch we get 2x mats to crafts relics from vycas and valtan… Will brel normal give 2x mats too once brel hard comes out?.

nope, these changes came later in kr version & it will be the same for us most likely.

way too early for that

Yes, that’s what we thought about the gold nerf patch. In Korea it came later, when Akkan was out, so we literally shut down a thread a few days before the patch in which a guy posted that change and started asking if it was coming to us, only to be proven he was right to be afraid of it.

I wouldn’t be so sure it’s way too early. Obviously it’s early, we’re safe at least until the next patch :stuck_out_tongue: But can you really be that confident that this isn’t coming live soon knowing we were wrong about the same thing 2 weeks ago?

Apparently, our last patch came out ahead of Russia, even though until Wednesday that wasn’t the case. They promised to surprise us with the speed of new content release.

I’m coloring you surprised, but I sure as hell won’t be when it comes.


Would be really shitty if the gold nerf come early but when it come to qol then they pulled this " its too early " bs.


Thats what they said with gold nerfs. Literally take every single thing for granted in this game. Expect the worst hope for the best, dont assume wait for confirmation and facts. This excuse of an company (SG/AGS) is dropping bomb shells on its player base since day 1 (1 year+ now)

Surely by now people recognize a pattern


we didnt get the full gold nerf o.o, unlikely we get an ancient material change since thats new content where as the gold nerf hits old content

We DID NOT GET KR’s Gold Nerf. People need to stop spreading that around. We got the gold nerf that happened in the OTHER regions JP/RU got when Breal Hard came out. This was NOT KR’s gold nerf as their nerfs were much HIGHER to the gold.


we don’t even get any real benefit from hard brel

we get slightly cheaper feeding costs for hones and ancient gear is slightly better
you should care more about your accessories and bracelet than how many weeks it will take you to convert your gear

It’s really not going to change much if you get your set a week or two early when you’ll be farming this content for the next 5 months.



Day 1 of brel hard release: gatekept because no full ancient gear.

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