Brelshaza Classes Performance G1-G6

Simple and straight forward

There is my screenshot
What do u guys think its not in particular order just simple S tier A tier etc

The Icons without the engraving name are from Reaper Summoner and Arcana since i cant find those anywere. Post your screenshot ofc !
Its based on my opinion after clearing 1-4 MANY MANY times and 5,6 4 times

I forgot to add Glavier my bad - Pinnacle S tier Control B or C tier
And Destroyer - Rage Hammer S tier Gravity D

No matter how much this class perform if the player dont perform well, this is irrelivant.


i agree but its a glance from what i experienced

tldr long animation skills with no super armor = bad
Back attack = bad (hi brel hug wall 100% of the time?)

ranged hit master = win/tanky hit master (SH)= win

I only care about g6

Class tiers is just a false hope to poeple who thinks that is the game is all about on its current state.

If I would release a class tiers, I would always mention “if performed/played well”. As per Arcana, you can have 1800 spec but dont how to use the cards well will go straight down the drain.

the gates are way too different to make a list like that


i dissagree
u can say the same about every raid
and streamers still do it
so i can do it too

I have had huge success with my hunger reaper in Brel. My movement and mobility has been lovely.

You can put together what ever tier list you want. A skilled player can make any class viable.

Bait thread

Insta gatekeep on the lower tiers in brel starting tomorrow, insta deny even if lvl 10 gem 1600 ilvl.

Thanks for the heads up <3

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imagine putting a support in A tier LMAO. Esp the support that has a more reliable counter which is more important :slight_smile:


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Why’re you guys arguing with him? He literally said its based off his own experiences while raiding with those classes. He’s not even saying a certain class is overall better than another, only how those classes have performed in his raids.

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my experience must have been very different i havent seen deathblow strikers live half a fight yet

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you’re the actual clown for not knowing what the tier list is about

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Edit: LOL didn’t notice dupes. I just drag and drop the s*** out of it. You get the message anyway :rofl:


Some person actually understand this thread


Hell nah bro this is just trolling ;d

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With my Gunlancer I’m permanent on the MVP screen, so your ranking doesn’t mean anything. To all players, play the classes you like, don’t listen to this kind of comment, if you’re having fun your class is rank S