Brelshaza G6 Experince

There are many problems with players joining G6. I cleared it 3 days ago with 4 man premade on discord with friends and 4 people randomly taken from LFG. It took us 7 ish hours in total to clear it with many random people throughout the weekend. And from what ive seen most people that que for G6 parties in LFG are -

Pay to win warrior with HUGE credit cards or he is obviously RMTing. ( LOS 30 full 10 gems 1560+ ilvls 90+ quality on every item. Im sorry but i refuse to believe such players are normal players ). These guys usually have roster level between 120 to 160 ish they play like 1 or 2 characters and they pump the $ into the game to keep up with the players that have 6 characters that earn gold. These kind of people are super 50/50 once we had a gigachad Deathblade on G5 and on G6 supriiiise ( like our Artilerist that had 5 kills achiv he was 1560 dude fully decked out i thought he will be PUMPING. I was VERY wrong about that - he was dead from 212 Bars onward ( we basically killed the boss 7 man because he was dead the whole time ).This guy had 5 kills already and he joined After Shandi progression group. Like what ?. I thought meaby he wanted to help us out but turns out it was totally opposite. Im not saying every Whale is a bad player but there is a high probability that he is bad . There are exceptions of course like this DB on G5 who was a really good player

Problem number 2 people have 0 movement skills or they lack in reaction time and they get grabbed by Brel near the edge of the map or they fail the yellow pattern mechanic and they fly off the map.

Another problem is people have HUGE problems remembering 4 things ! your pattern shape and 3 numbers . BRO HOW !!!. Not only that they have huge problems with the confusion debuff.

Another HUGE problem iiiiiis. YES you guessed it right BLUE METEORS!!!
DUDE i cant believe people cannot understand this mechanic . u cant put more then 2 meteors on the same spot or it will be destroyed :slight_smile: . Some people cannot understand that

Next NIGHTMARE is Shandi Phase… Sweet jesus. PING PING PING U %#$@#@# %@&#(
Let the people know where Brel clone is !!! run clockwise and scout !!!. Or you will never kill it !!!

If some MIRRACLE happens and u have 8 people alive after Shandi which is VERY RARE . Because most of the time its 4,5 or 6 . The boss is basically DONE .
The only danger after that are yellow patterns . Watch out for that and the boss will die
Play safe and you will kill it .
Doing G6 with random people progression groups without discord is PAIN AND REGRET. But its doable. Static 8 man on discord will clear this in less then few hours probably

And no having a raid leader that knows what to do doesnt do shit imo with randoms . They gotta know what to do especially with the blue meteors if they dont know how this works and where to place them you will wipe 90% of the time .

that’s why didn’t done brel at all on any of my chars… I already see people failing so badly on valtan/vykas that… Maybe no ty. Literally just hording gold now till things improve or something better comes out. Like if people fail so bad at easy legions what is happening at brel is scary to me. BTW had veteran group but guess what? People already tasted other versions and after experiencing western one they left. Last left person who logins to do easy legion raids.

G1 to G5 are a piece of cake compared to G6 even with random people

G6 is not particularly difficult mechanically but it does take good game knowledge and communication to pull off consistently. Pugs will suck for a long time.

AFAIK Koreans usually skimp on doing 5-6 HM Brel because the pugging difficulty persists for a long while.

G5 is VERY EASY in my opinion man its one of the easiest gates in the raid
But yes G6 is a HUGE challange for a random group of people
Even Korean players dont do G6 often i heard it too

idk, G6 is pretty easy on paper once you cleared it.

It is more about timing the 1:40 so you know the burst windows.

After 137 yellow meteor you have 1 minute and 10 seconds 20 seconds to get her to Shandi
Thats it

Not sure which region you are in but my experience is pretty nice with brel pug… And g6 does not need communitcation if people know what to do… Joined a lobby last week called “Warmup”… There was 0 communication ongoing, clear after 4 wipes.

But what I learned is that I take distance from “ego-lobbies”. They are the worst…
It’s every time the same, the people with the biggest mouth dies first.

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Yeah, most of the time we have to wait until 30 secs to push that bars.

DPS is very lenient on the gate, we have to hold dps on ilvl.

After shandi its the same thing so really people just need to learn her normal patterns.

Ego lobbies are great LOL and they disband after 1 wipe because the title was 1 fail = kick
Those are the best lobbies

It’s same delusional like your post here.

And why u jump on me now
You havent cleared it yet or what happend to u ?
You fail pressing space bar or what ?

I have cleared G6 on 4 different classes and spent at least 20 hours progging/clearing these. Here are my observations:

  • The raid is mechanically quite difficult for some classes/players. Knowing what to do isn’t the same as doing it. In other legion raids, the major gimmicks happen separately (e.g. Vykas G2 orb pattern, Valtan G1 stagger orb pattern, etc.), however in Brelshaza, the meteor mechanic happens concurrently with all her normal patterns. Thus it is very possible to get a bad combination that most players can’t survive.
    For example, if Brelshaza comes to grab you while you’re trying to place a meteor. Instinct tells you to dodge, but that might mess up the meteor placement, possibly leading to a wipe. Another option is to timestop, but what if it was on cooldown from an earlier pattern (e.g. yellow cone), or what if the platform will break and you need to get out or die? There are many situations where players get themselves trapped by a bad combination of attacks.

  • Public groups are split between reclear and learning/prog groups but there isn’t much to discern among players. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear how skilled players are and some groups get saltier sooner than others about mistakes. There is no way to check if someone has mastered the mechanics of the raid versus got lucky a previous week with a group that carried them. Also, the barrier for entry for newer/less experienced players is immense; almost no one will take people with the bare minimum anymore, sometimes even for learning parties. This is the gatekeeping issue; I’ll leave that for another thread.

  • Certain mechanics could be tuned slightly to make the experience more enjoyable. While these are obviously nerfs, and some players will scream in horror at the idea of nerfing this “already nerfed” raid. My suggestions are very minor nerfs that would help a lot of players without gaming dexterity.

    • Adjustment 1: Increase shapes mechanics’ deathzone delay by 1 second (to give better chances for classes like Lone Knight Gunlancer with a very bad spacebar dodge and no movement skills to reach from 3 to 9 or other bad combos).
    • Adjustment 2: Players gain grab/push/debuff-immunity (or at least Brelshaza cannot target them) if a meteor is actively targeting the player.
    • Adjustment 3: Red orbs are not allowed to overlap with the small black holes during the Shandi mech during the short window for entering (after the hole rumbles). This can be solved by simply not allowing red orbs to spawn for a duration of 1-2 seconds, at about 4 seconds before the black hole starts to rumble.

Thanks for reading my thoughts and ideas on how it could be adjusted slightly.

I’ve noticed adding a penalty for failure brings people who make less small mistakes consistently enough to the point that screw up limits meaningful progression. Me and my friend created a G6 lobby titled “G6 x30 prog Die b4 shandi x3 kick” for the 6 other pugs and it went way better. We suspect it was because people were intimidated by being kicked. Rarely anyone died before shandi and if they did it was never a pattern, usually just a one off. I really think people are incentivized to make every run count if they know others are watching and will kick them.

We made it to 21 bars before my friend had to go to bed. I think once people have a decent cadence for the fight, most of the screw ups happen because people freeze up when they see meteors on them. Once you start telling people where to go and they listen it becomes less complicated. The fight feels a lot easier to me having progged it so much recently since I didnt have much time lately due to static conflicts.

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Thats exactly what happens when people see Blue Meteors on them - they freeze in place and they dont know what to do it usually ends up badly

Zeal already said long time ago: Brelsh Raid will be the proof, who will keep playing or who gonna quit. If you really want continue trying to survive on this Amazon Forest, i suggest you form a full static for Brelsh, otherwise each reset a new headache and frustration

We can also force the tiles to respawn on x112 pls

Not fun when your group at 1420 do too much dmg and it’s like Oh too fast, tile didnt respawn yep welp

well im doing 2 g6 with my guild statics and 4x g6 with randoms from party finder xD i dont find it any hard, blade and soul mushin tower was like 100 times harder than brel raid

This is basically what I have not including the card sets. It’s not that hard if you’ve been playing the market. I’m not F2P by any means but I’m not buying gold either. If you’ve focused on one class instead of buying gems for multiple classes then having level 10 gems gets a LOT easier. Not to mention gems are basically like a bank account. I can at any time sell a level 10 gem, buy a level 9 gem of the same type, and take the gold to use elsewhere.

Not really the point of your post, but you really need to get out of this mindset that people with this are automatically RMTers legit or not.

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Just do G1-G5 then? I didn’t even try G6 once, it’s not really necessary.