Brelshaza marks store item level

Hi, I would like to know if tis possible to change the item level required to buy the honning books from the Brelshaza store. Currently you need item level 1430 to buy from the store, but the books that you buy are for upgrading from 1415–>1430, 1430–>1445 and 1445–>1460. The problem is that you don’t have books for the 1415–>1430 to be able to buy when you need them at 1415. I believe the solution would be being able to use the Brelshaza store at 1415 or add legendary (like the ones from the event) that can be used at 1415–>1460 at kakul store, because rigth now you have a gap on the progression. I’m trying to progress with my alts and finding everytime that I end up parking them at 1415 and then I would go rigth from 1415 to 1445 because those books make a lot easier to go from 1430 to 1445 than going from 1415 to 1430 without books.

In 4 weeks (once Artist is released) you are going to have a lot of 1415 kids trying to go the legion raid school, but they are going to be stucked just with just Valtan and Argos or loosing all they saved Solar Protection to go from 1415 to 1430.

You do know that you can buy the honing books and store them in roster storage(?)

The item level requirement won’t be reduced because that’s the item level requirement to do the Deja Vu version of Brelshaza. And the boxes are Roster Bound. You can buy the boxes on any character of sufficient item level and just tuck them in a corner. I’ve been buying them every week and tossing them into Roster Storage.

The accessory boxes and ability stones are Character Bound though, so you can’t save them up.

Thank you very much, I knew that the books were bound to the characther, but didn’t noticed that the box where they came from are bound to the roster. I will begin the stockpilling waiting for the artist.

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