Brelshaza nightmare scenario

Can we confirm that this cannot happen? This is a pure nightmare fuel… Hasn’t happened, but I would like to confirm that this cannot happen yeah?

Let us assume you have a 1490 character with no plans to push to 1500 without brel gear/honing rates. Assuming the box at end of gate 2 and 4 is NOT going to be winnable for this character.

Nightmare is a disconnect from g2 right at end. Gate is marked completed, but no gate 2 materials, and no first completion (box of 30).

Numbers are brel mats for the: (nightmare scenario) [normal, didn’t get disconnected player who was able to tap to 1500 week one and thus able to do gates 3 and 4]

Dec 14: (6) [18 & one brel armor]
December 21: (20) [6 & second brel armor]
December 28: (34) [34 & two]
January 4: Craft your first brel armor, while the “normal” player is now working on their fourth.

I don’t want to be 3-4 resets behind my guildies/friends/static/etc.

TLDR: OP is concerned about the scenario where a disconnection happens which makes you lose the 1st clear reward and puts you weeks behind.

Correct me if I’m wrong.
It’s a valid concern


Yes. This exactly.

don’t think about that OP, just look at the shiny “new” class that wasn’t here in beta. Also the cool new outfits !!

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This is happen you must be preapare for that, every reaction or not reaction create a counter reaction, everyone know that exacly happen, even AGS know that, they still have a small time window to prevent that, but that not gonna happen we know that.

Do you mean those rags? :sa: I don’t even remember the last good outfit I purchased.

I’ve brought this up a few times but AGS doesn’t want to hear it. There have been quite a few threads asking to delay Brel until AGS gets the servers stable.

Spoiler: They still don’t know where the issue is after almost 2 months now?

Best of luck to everyone in the coming week. Support will be at a all time low during release week. Hopefully none of you have to deal with this situation.

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i just pulled another alt 2 weeks ago up from zero to 1460

did my first vykas last week, got disconnected while doing Zero Bar stagger

as i logged in the rest of the group were done and already out of the dungeon , got 4 hours later a reentry ticket, did it again, got the reward for first time vykas

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The problem is g2 gotta he Hell to find party


Why would you not receive rewards if it was marked as completed? Legion Raid rewards don’t drop on the ground and make you pick them up; they’re added to your inventory the instant the raid is marked as completed.

The worst case scenario would be not getting the completion and having to go with a whole separate G2-only group.

that is super good to hear. I’ve been in argos with people who got dc’d after a gate and did NOT get rewards, but was marked cleared as we could still proceed. this is what sparked the thought about this g2 dc scenario

It skips rewards in argos but lets you proceed sometimes. I have also seen where gate compeltion was not there and the rest of the party had to pug a new player to finish argos…

Find a Group for G2 is a His Problem thing that he decided to stay on 1490

it was his choice of gambling to stay there

thousands didnt do that

investing some extra mats to get to a higher Item lvl could help

I can’t believe we’re having anxiety over this game. This isn’t healthy.

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Just… get 4 taps at 3% or 4 taps at ~10% for your honing rates. I have more than one character going into brel day one… I’m not going to waste my mats because the servers are acting up.

but the amount of Gold value you put into that 10% is even more

i mean the exchange is 5:1 in the end if you hit artisan the 10% was worse mats wise then the 3%

and if you dont want to get fucked from disconnects, just dont enter the raid

stay save till its fixed

Hello. The current disconnections issue are server sided. In 100% of the case you recieve an entry ticket.

So you’re safe from nightmares, in the worst case you will loose some time and may have to wait 24h before you get your entry ticket.

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Average honing rates for a single peice of brel gear from +11 to +15 (which when done on a +19 gear pushes a 1490 to 1500) is about 18k of loose gold, and ~420 of the new leapstones.

Tapping four peices of gear from 20 to 21 (in the event that g2 gets disconnected and you still want to run g3&4) is about 25k gold and ~1500 great honor leapstones. 1500 leapstones is a lot as you won’t be even getting these anymore, as the character is 1490 and you will get leapstones that are too big for your gear.

My 1490s are saving their una/guardian/chaos for max rested the night before brel release. They will have the leapstones, all I need to actually acquire is the new fusion materials, blues are pretty much free…

You may be right about pity cost, but on average, it is 100% cheaper to just run the raid, and just use brel gear to push your ilvl.

Advising people to tap over 1490 with brel gear available is like advising someone to keep grinding t1/t2 mats to tap past +15. You can do it, but why?

Hi! I wish that were the case, I’ve seen players in argos get disconnected before the end of a gate, connect afterword with no rewards received from the gate, but still be eligible to continue. (gate marked completed, no rewards)

I have also seen players get disconnected from argos and receive a ticket like you spoke about as well, those players were not eligible to continue with the same group (had to pug a replacement) but they were able to continue with a party that had the same progress after they got their ticket.

you only considered the the gold per tap and leapstones
no fragments
no Guardian/destro stones
no silver
no juice

if you consider everything together , also every brel tab gives you only 1.8 itemlvl not 2.5

yes you still have only to tab 4 times , cause you get gifted extra itemlvl when converted

you say 1500 leapstones are alot , even this that 420 new leaps times 5 are over 2100 greater leap in exchange ?

and do you really think that leaps will stay like this in the first weeks ?

on EUC , leaps where about 40 gold each for weeks , in the last 4 days they reached already 60gold each

it is more expensive per itemlvl to tab with brel gear, its just less frustrating to click

but yeah its everyone can do it like he wants.

i just brang a solution what you could do

the easiest is still not doing the dungeon till its fixed , just dont fomo