BRELSHAZA raid release date and guilds organisation

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The upcoming December update will include Brelshaza Legion Raid as foretold in the Roadmap. It would be much appreciated to have any insight about which week it is possibly released.

Guild Masters (GMs) for any raid need a fair amount of time to prepare teams accordingly specially for new content release. Here are justifications of my request :

  1. Holydays late december, will imply a separate schedule for GMs just to know whether a player is available or not due to vacations etc.
    Therefore even solid static groups will be mixed up with others and increase the difficulty of the preparation.

  2. Gate 5 and 6 requiere a different i lvl from G1 to G4. Therefore even a full raid can be scattered and remixed due to ilvl requirement not met between players of the guild despite they all have access to the early stage of raid.
    For exemple i already did a single sheet page just for people to write down what they aim for in my guild.

  3. The difficulty and length of this raid (6 gates instead of 3) involve to know quite some time ago who is available or not to designate Raid Leaders who can then learn strategies and teach them to the raid members.

  4. Players that took a break : some people took a break being geared enough for the future content and it can be tough to reach for them and include them back. Having a timeline helps to provide them info and give them a security feeling.

GMs / officers / organisers play their part at holding tight your community and customers. Please do help them fulfilling their duty/task they are indirectly working with you to provide a healthy environment.

Note : i know your answer will heavily rely on communication between AGS and Smilegate, it is why i post this quite “early” so you can ask SG what timeline you can give us.

PS : english isn’t my birth language so i apologize for any grammatical/vocabulary errors i may have made.


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we can’t stay in fkin chaos dungeons, guardian raids, even walking around the map gets you disconnected, AH still broken and you can search something 2-3 times out of 10. i don’t think there will be actually that many people playing 'till then if things keep going like this to be honest. meanwhile the bots are swarming again in every map.

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Hi, i do understand and live the same issues (got DCed 11 times yesterday).

But most of my guildmates started the 8th February almost exclusively for a chance to play Brelshaza raid after watching some runs.

So despite the current situation we just step aside and wait.

Your post points a heavy issue we are facing for weeks i agree, but dont you think that its off topic for this post ?

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i honestly don’t think it’s offtopic. instead of knowing they are loosing time for that, i’d rather have them fix the damn servers. that should be the priority. they can prioritize making a schedule but if the servers remain the same trash as they are, so you will keep disconnecting from brelshaza raid. there is no point in scheduling brel runs if the servers kick you out every 5-10-20 min.

Ok it makes sense.

Nonetheless, it should be safe to assume that those issues will be fixed before Brel release.