Brelshaza Release Date

Many of us need to book our Christmas holidays and a lot of us will want to try and do this over the busy period that AGS have decided to release this new content.

I for one, like many others, have been playing Lost Ark after watching the Brelshaza raids and being in awe by how good it is. Frankly I find it incredibly poor that we are less than 2 weeks until the possible date (7th December) and we are still no closer to knowing when to expect this raid to drop.

I understand that AGS are trying their best not to create a problem like the “Mid June” Vykas update, but not saying anything is just as bad. Please give us more information over what is happening and the expected release date for Brelshaza so I can get my manager off my back about not booking my Christmas holiday yet (and I’m sure many others who are in a similar position). @Roxx for visibility.


Almost certainly on December 14th because the login-event ends. It had been said that the patch was before the Christmas holidays.

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Yeah the 14th makes most sense as the week after is Christmas week and people will start taking time off.

Summoner release will be on 14 december, but are they go for Brel at the same date who knows, probably only SG :). I would release Summoner on 07.12 and Brel on 21.12.

This is AGS we talking about. They will for sure release both on same date.
Tho i agree with you that what you said would be better

Summoner 7th and Brel 14th would be perfect

I expect Brelshaza at 28th december atleast not early before that. Don’t be surprised if she drops around 12-17 Jan 2023.

I think 14 or 21.
But will be a mess if they dont fix their servers before.

You haven’t learned anything on the last 8 months right? They won’t have any communication regarding it and even if they do it can be all lies like the scouter pass, the expiration date on the punika pass or the pheons scandal. If you want to play something that you can have some kind of idea of how the content is going to be released this is not it.