Bressker-Woman looks cool

Is anyone also waiting for a brasker-woman to come out


yeah and KR working on make warrior class more bulky so i hope she will be taller than others female

Would’ve much preferred female paladin. Meh. Will probably quit before it gets released in 2035 for NA/EU anyway.

Lol she will have a big sword and a small body I’m so curious

Small body, what?

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Will she be huge?

A female paladin would most likely be called Priestess judging from the NPCs in the game.

I agree, I would love it if she looks like she swings greatswords all day long. Kind of like Riven from League. Very athletic and well built.

I am!

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The real question is: What bizarre name will AGS decide she should have?

Bra-serker obviously. Fembot maybe. Menopause destroyer.

brazzer woman?

Yes it will happen in the future


this one does

Lol what is this

It’s more a man than a woman. I want a wife

Cona the Barbarian :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like not calling her Amazonian is a missed opportunity by AGS