Bring Back Fever Time

Why has Fever Time stopped? We initially got 6 boxes per weekend, then it was nerfed to 2 and now its just stopped. When is it coming back? The guardian raids are becoming more and more cancerous because no one is willing to pay for pots or pheramones.


That involves giving the players something they want.


I know it might suck but at the end when the end end game is here, people are gonna have to buy or craft pots. Free pots arent gonna be forever.

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I refuse to pay gold for potions/pheromones, it doesn’t give me life, or I raise my main, or raise my alters. The gold of the FTPs does not give us anything

Or you play Paladin/Gunlancer and don’t even have pots equipped.

That doesn’t help when the rest of the group refuses to use potions and takes up all the lives.

Yeah, there’s always idiots, what makes me more mad are people that don’t carry flares or pheromones.

I do 10 guardians daily and people rarely have any. Potions are in demand and not used as freely, but I have 50+ boxes of both bombs and grenades while using them almost every raid. Idk why are people such scumbags.

I agree, but its going to start becoming a massive issue if everyone does it.

Addendum: *for free

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u my friend are one of the reasons i stoped matchmaking and only do partyfinder with battle item order :). Its selfish af to think everyone uses battle items so u dont have to.


okey~ i wanna the free stuff too~gimmie gimmie~

Because of people like you, I see that the amount of gifts and help that they are giving us is a problem.
People are too badly used to this, I understand that the crybaby on the forum will barely be 5% of the players, but it’s a shame to see so much crying on the forum.

So your response is to cry about people crying? Bold take.

Edit: and this is literally your first forum post, lol.

Probably a CM or mod’s burner account, they have a lot of those running around trying to sow discourse and distract us.

If you really “used your battle elements” you would have already run out of them between the alters and the main, don’t lie that lies have short legs

I think a lot of us did run out, given that we were using 2-3 per guardian raid since no one else would.

I really don’t know what is the problem I have 7 tier 3 chars and have 100+ bomb chests left … 150 flair and stuff chests
Ok only 30 pot Chests

But in generell just play with bonus instead of doing them every day

Yea gieb

Don’t use flairs… I assume ur doing fox with twinks and deska with ur main? Sorry in advance, English is just my second language but I try to explain.

The map fox and deska are on has a little trick. At the spawn if u run towards the edge where u normaly slide down and scroll in with ur mousewheel so the camangle moves to a kinda third person angle u can actually see where the boss is cause u can see the whole map like this.

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Nope, cause I don’t run in matchmaking with folks like u where only I use them. I have enough left and even if my packs run out I used them for clean guardien kills so it was worth.,and I can always craft new items .