Bring Back Weekly Rewards Please

Please reconsider the weekly rewards from PvP. I really want to be able to buy out PvP Shop without having to give up on outside life D:

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Thank you for your suggestion! What reward would you like to see back the most?

I think what we would like is to automatically receive the weekly token rewards for the rank we held when PvP Season 1 ended. So Supreme 8 gets the 16k coins or so, Extreme gets 26k, etc. Can’t confirm the values right now since the season is ended, but since the token earn rate from playing matches is abysmally low and season 2 is nowhere in sight, our biggest source of weekly material income is gone.

It doesn’t feel fair that the weekly token rewards were removed while also giving us no light at the end of the tunnel with regards to Season 2 start date.


The weekly coins of courage reward! Or at least more ways of getting more coins. I really have to grind a lot of games to buy out the shop like I used to.
It could be rewards on Death’s Hold, Illusion Isle etc etc
Just something ,it’s really rough :slight_smile:


Might as well wait another 10 days for some “community moderator” to ask us once again, what we want - even though we stated it to begin with.
Like at this point they might as well just use bots haha

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