Bringing down the Auc-tion House is not the solution... Ban The freaking bots

U guys are bringing down the Auction House… but the real problems is the same as always… THE BOTSD… BAN them… just get rid of them… did you check how many pages we have in Sorc gems? almost 3k… all of them are bots gem… get rid of them and the auction house will come back to normal… u guys have announced some new things for the bots problem…but nothing change
The bots problem is the main issue AGS and Sg should worked on…and focus on

Maybe it’s a conflict of interest or just a black hole, but they should consider just making lower level gems if not all gems roster bound :man_shrugging:

as of now the AH is down on Una for me. Got an update that the store is not available for update, now i can’t use the AH for anything at all, even when trying 50 times in a row.

Bringing down the AH or not, same thing different name. You still can’t use it :rofl:

Also about the bots. AGS won’t ban them anymore. They put an automated system in place a few months ago. Ever since they stopped with the frequent bot banwaves, which solved all the issues.

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/sarcasm on

Hey, they are already doing so much against bots, they already removed all the Gold from rapport! They cant do more!

/sarcasm off

Might help if they remove the 65k pages of lvl 1 gems but whatevs.

I think its only a curativ short term action to give them space to plan something else with SG after… or not.

Agree with this 100 %

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They could be patching it and testing it too you know.

maybe that is part of the solution…in order to clean it up they need to bring the Market down for a bit

That would kill busses

You can just use accs

There are alternatives such as t1 accessories that drivers could get from exchanging those materials from card runs which would be much more effective/accurate than relying on gems

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more like bound lvl 1-4 gems

There’s a ton of things that would seriously hamper botters.

So far they’re reluctant to implement anything short of a silver bullet, or which would have more than ‘minimal impact’ on real players.

The issue being there’s no silver bullet and the ‘minimal impact’ adds up over time. And the bots have a more than ‘minimal’ impact.

1 Pheon per gem.

non tradeable gems until they are at least lvl 5 would be helpful and wouldnt really impact anyone

Funny enough it was the solution auction is working well.

bots have been in the game since it opened in the west, and their number only grew.

sg doesnt know how to deal with bots, since they never had a problem in korea.

now has been 9months and still no solution.