Bringing down the Auc-tion House is not the solution... Ban The freaking bots

Agree with this 100 %

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They could be patching it and testing it too you know.

maybe that is part of the solution…in order to clean it up they need to bring the Market down for a bit

That would kill busses

You can just use accs

There are alternatives such as t1 accessories that drivers could get from exchanging those materials from card runs which would be much more effective/accurate than relying on gems

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more like bound lvl 1-4 gems

There’s a ton of things that would seriously hamper botters.

So far they’re reluctant to implement anything short of a silver bullet, or which would have more than ‘minimal impact’ on real players.

The issue being there’s no silver bullet and the ‘minimal impact’ adds up over time. And the bots have a more than ‘minimal’ impact.

1 Pheon per gem.

non tradeable gems until they are at least lvl 5 would be helpful and wouldnt really impact anyone

Funny enough it was the solution auction is working well.

bots have been in the game since it opened in the west, and their number only grew.

sg doesnt know how to deal with bots, since they never had a problem in korea.

now has been 9months and still no solution.

Easy for you to say, its not like they can magically ban 100% of the bots population, even if they do they gonna come back next day flooding AH. What we need is a way to stop them from doing it like adding mobile verification and some restriction to AH usage for new accounts

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Both AGS and SG actually knows how to deal with bots, but they are simply avoiding that method because it’s to extreme/drastic. So, they’re trying everything else before using that as a last resort seen with their soft stance/ineffective approaches when it came with dealing with bots for the past 9 months.

How to combat bots? You prevent bot farm abilities from easily making a new bot account. So, an implementation of an indefinite lockdown is the solution to that problem.

Once bot farms can no longer make infinite number of bot accounts, AGS/SG cracks down on current existing bots with frequent ban waves and then monitor for sleeping bot accounts as now the remaining number of potential bot accounts in the game is finite/will run out eventually. Afterwards, they slowly rollback changes they did in an attempt to combat against bots, but only turned out to be an inconvenience on players whether it’s the gold from rapports, changes in AH, etc.

Lastly, they develop an advance registration process for potential new players. This serves as a filter where the goal is to only let in new human players and keep out new bot accounts. ( Indefinite lockdown is still in place )

AGS at one point did temporaily lockdown the servers at the very launch of NA/EU.
Korea has lock-downed servers from what I heard as well.

So the precedent and technology is there, but AGS/SG is simply afraid of hurting their non-existent potential profits from “new players”. There is no real significant growth in the past couple of weeks-months and the numbers that are shown whether it’s steamchart or etc only reflect a steadily growing number of bots not new players. There’re also plenty of forum posts from actual new players that describe their poor experience which led them to quit. So, the game is bleeding out both new and vet players and steadily inflating with new bot accounts.

TLDR: Bots may never fully be gone from the game even if a indefinite lockdown happens. However, the end-goal that AGS/SG should aim for is to limit how many bots are in the game so that the bot farms do not have enough resources to supply RMT activities/harm the AH/ etc. The lockdown of servers is the first and best step in achieving that goal.

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not in west as f2p game.

Stop punishing the player base to try to deal with the bots. We will only be slapped on the hand so many times before we just leave entirely.

Stop gaps like this won’t get rid of bots, and barely hurts them - it puts a bandaid on the current problem (i.e., the auction house), hurts the players, and the bots just move onto a new way to make gold that will hurt us in some other way. That’s why it’s broken in the first place. They took away the gold generation of the bots from rapport and welcome quests and such, so they’ve turned to gems and boss rush, and buying gold off players sending out annoying mail constantly. Once that’s patched they will find something else.

Fix una already. make it fcking bound to character … bots abusing it all the time… i dont get why its not nerfed already

It’s not a punishment, that’s just a different perspective. Imo, it’s more like adapting to the circumstances. Tradable gems at a lower level are unnecessary when it becomes abusable by bots that not only supply them with a source of making gold, but also crashing the Auction House. So, a compromise could be made to make lower level gems roster bound while keeping higher level gems tradable. This would at least significantly put less stress on the Auction House due to the amount of gem conversions taking place from level 1 to level 5 gems.

Honestly tho, they have to first lockdown the servers if they want to get the bot situation under control otherwise everything they attempt to do won’t get any significant results.

If they refuse to lockdown the servers, then eventually they will adjust the significant sources bots use to rely on making gold whether it’s Una’s Task or Gems as those two off the top of my head are the biggest ones remaining.

You’re all wasting your time, as long as you play this game you’ll play with bots, this game was practically designed for bots, a game that limits how much resources you can earn and gatekeeps your progression unless you pay and the bots offer it cheaper, bdo if I remember right had to go from f2p to p2p amongst other things like control market prices and even remove player trading to stop bots and bdo is a game that doesnt limit your earnings, you can farm all day long, botton line is stop fighting it and learn to live with it.