Bringing Updates Without Letting Players Know

Is this going to be the new norm? Nobody had a clue that something as important and impactful as gold nerfs were coming with the patch without any communication whatsoever. What does this mean for the players moving forward? Are we going to continue getting these types of updates?


Every single event that impacted players was “implemented” this way.

Why would they tell us? In that case we would have a chance to prepare for it. Which for them means they wouldnt be able to milk us. Greedy mobile game developer tactics. Its so satisfying to look at the steam charts now. This patch hit harder than a truck. Right in their face. Fwk em. They dont understand we are not korean. Most ppl wont tolerate this. And those who do, well, when the game will hit a critical player number loss that impacts their raid queue times, that they wont tolerate either GG.

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