Broken Chat for only some other players

I have been seeing this off and on since the last patch on 9/28.

Some people I can see their chat bubble but I never see that same text in chat. I have restarted the game, verified files, power cycled the computer, and cleared all the chat tabs. Still 4/12 people yesterday I could only see their chat bubbles. So if they were off my screen I could hear the noise that someone sent a message but no idea who or what it was about.

Also other party members could read the message in chat so it just seemed to be me.

Thanks for reporting this, AiyanaCatori.

What server are you on?


I have exactly the same problem - cannot see chat of some of the players - server antares EUC
i think it happened after server merges.

NAE Kharmine

Also I was playing on another character today. In HM Vykes the raid lead typed in chat. I could see the text in the middle of the screen but not in the chat frame. It makes for an interesting G1 when you have no idea whos messages you cant see :stuck_out_tongue: and at least 4 of them i could not see in chat.

But it seems to be account wide and not any specific location in the game.

Character list if it helps any:

Thanks! Every bit of info helps. The development team is checking into this.

Thanks a bunch for letting me know you’re having this issue as well.


That problem happen to me to and what I experienced so far, the problem isn’t there from the start. For me it’s starts random in the middle of the raid in every single Chat (Party,Raid,Area, etc.) and before it worked completely fine. I’m just seeing the bubble but not the text in chat or when they are off screen I’m just hearing the sound that they wrote something.

Hope i could help with that and I’m playing on EUC Kadan

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community. Thanks for the information and letting us know about this!

Having the same problem and its rly annoying, EUC Armen

Try to go into Chat Tab Settings" and at the bottom, tick on All language, and press Apply.

Hello and welcome to the community.

Thank you for letting us know you’re experiencing this issue as well.

Thank you for extending a helping hand and helping a fellow player out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you and i think that may have worked.

I was in a HM Vykes again today and I couldn’t see the chat from most of them.

While trying to figure it out they kicked me… So I didn’t really get a chance to find out if its working. Guess we will see.

Hi AiyanaCatori.

I hope it works, I personally made a “Raid” tap with only the things I wanted to appear in it, but I made sure that all language are ticked on, and I don’t seem to miss anything anymore.

What worked for me is turning on Language filter for all languages:

After this all messages appeared in chat. (not just the popups above the characters)

Thanks for letting us know this worked for you!

Had more chances to test today and even ran into someone having the same problem. i asked the person we couldn’t see and their primary language was indeed Spanish even though they were chatting in English.

I marked your message as the solution and thank you!

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