Broken GvG Matching On Medeia

So basically we were playing with our guild second week on Medeia GVG event, and placed 4th despite being 2nd best team in the lobby because we were forced to play 3 times againstthe top team and the teams that lost to us scoring 200 to 2000 and 900 to 2000 placed 3rd and 2nd beacuse they lost previous games and were not forced to play against better teams. Hey Smilegate/ Amazon maybe you should switch something here because we surely won’t participate again in this circus.


si si torro plus uno

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riot, fix your matchmaking !!11!!1!!1


I would rather say, remove the guild events already… make something smaller for the community. The whales guilds dominate the servers… and the issue is that they are not legit players who spend thousands of dollars they are just bot accounts from doing chaos

how could they put events up without giving everyone the same Ilvl etc… it’s complete unbalanced

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Explain something to me, the mark that the event starts at 20:30 is this time in game time or in UTC? @Jarza

The isue is that they had to fight the same team 3 times :confused:


In game

is this on EU or NA? only reason im asking is cause im wondering if the GvG is working for NA or not QQ

To everyone talking about whales, being a whale or not doesn’t mean for GvG because it’s not equalized and someone landing a high dps skill like for instance Demon bomb can one shot you, doesn’t matter your ilvl, you can also one shot someone of a higher ilvl than you.

It’s an issue about how it should also be equalized, it would even be more fun if it was, both for highilvl and low since as it is right now is who one shots first, regardless of ilvl.

Thats why for pvp you take different set engravings full def not full dps, 1415 can eqsily oneshot 1490 guy and vice versa, those damage is too high in pvp. Really ilvl here doesnt matter so much ok if we have 1300 vs 1490 then it has, but 1415 vs 1490 will be equal. Soon someone will check what engravings are good for gvg, this is not arena where we go no damage boosters…

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Europe Central

read the post again, we are not whining about whales, it’s just frustrating that we make preparations and put efforts to slightly lose with the 1st guild then completely destroy the rest of opponents but we are still only placed 4th on the rankings and get lower reward for the efforts as we are forced to face the no1 guild 3 times on the same event which makes us ending on 4th place instead of 2nd ,even tho we could easily destroy the 2nd place guild.It’s simply putting our efforts to bin going so it’s better to place yourself out off the competition and secure your place on fighting guilds which aren’t this skilled on GvG than to actually care for winning and always face the dominating guild.

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@Roxx @TrevzorFTW @Shadow_Fox

You are completely right, this same issue is happening in our server… Another issue other than the matchmaking itself it’s that the global ranking at the end of the week is even more meme.
You can be the top ranking guild on the entire server simply throwing snowballs or any other C tier island simply winning all matches (which is mostly luck tbh).

In our server this week a guild that had no GvG build, no knowledge of the island mode and zero teamplay + point control ended up third in ranking simply cause they met 5 times guilds that were even worse than them…

Global ranking should be separated based on the rank of the island and the matchmaking should be based on global ranking and not the score that you get during the GvG since that is heavily random based on how “lucky” you are in meeting bad guilds…

That is just unfair machmaking in those islands :confused:

GvG is in a weird place right now; it is still broken entirely in some regions and behaving funky on others. Appreciate the reports, this is something the team is working on a fix for.


Hope you will take it serious and we won’t wait 2 months for results. Talk with community, we know some solutions and improvements that should be implemented as soon as possible.

Thanks for reply! Great to hear that, looking forward for the fixes, I count on you that they will be really implemented

it’s been 2 weeks man, and the best you can conclude is that it’s broken and funky? yeah no shit…