Broken PVP games

I played a lot of competitive rank games in past. But so far I haven’t played such broken PVP games. For instance, comp matchmaking is horrible. You have platinum players in the Bronze ranking. You give Bard(Most broken support) no cc’s intake. She literally runs around with no one who can cc her and she also protects her own team. How’s that fair to another team. The game already is paid to win, now you making characters pay to win as well. I know a lot of my friends dont even bother playing PVP because it’s horrible. I played overwatch a few years back and I thought their competitive ranking game was horrible but now I played this game PVP and it’s gotta be the worst one I played so far. Another issue is that when you spawn you are immune but not sure the character name he/she can create a tornado that literally hits you when you spawn. So i dont know being immortal when you spawn because clearly PVP is broken